We Should Have better Lunches

Students think we should have a better lunch then we have now because people will actually eat it, people will get a better education, and people will save money.

If we have better school lunch we will have great attendance because everyone would come to school for the lunch instead of these nasty lunches we are having now. For example, In my old school we use to have great lunches pizza,chicken and everything and the classroom used to be packed. Another reason is more people will eat the school lunch because we will have better lunches . I realize that if students come to school for the better lunches then they will have a better education than what they are getting now for coming to school for these better lunches. For example, in 7th grade on the last day we had pizza and most of the people in the homerooms was here that mean if we here for the lunches we here for the education because the more we come for the good lunches the more we come to learn new work.

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Instead of students spending money in the stores they can just eat at school . I’m still trying to figure out why make school lunch healthy when they can just buy junk food from the store they spend more time at home then they do at school so that means they have more junk food than health food.For example my friend went to the store to buy junk food for breakfast and lunch. I think she spend $5.00 on it. Although some people really don’t think changing lunch is important, I do.

Therefore having better lunches in school for students is better than the lunches they are giving us now. I understand parents and teachers thinks it’s healthy but it’s nasty to us students where the one thats eating not them but thats mines and other students thats eating the school lunches opinion .