What are the causes of stress for teenagers?

More and more reports about teenager suicides are appearing across the globe. Many believe that stress is the main cause for their deaths. It is amazing how grand the number of deaths there are in just one month, research shows that more than 2 deaths could appear in just one minor minute. You will be surprised when you realize that there are so many causes of stress in a teenager’s life.

First, school seems to be the main cause of stress. Teenagers must encounter daily attacks from school, for example the heap of homework they get everyday can compare to Mount Everest, the difficult exams and high expectations make life unbearable. They get many extra work just to earn marks to cover up their low exam marks, some of them must face monstrous bullies that com for them. Just one school, can cost their lives. Secondly, broken family institution is one of the causes of stress.

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Some teenagers’ parents re divorcing and fighting, eventually it makes their heart break to see his or her love ones fight. Some other teens’ parents might have affairs, and it has a chance of replacing one of the parents, nobody likes it when one of their parents must walk away from themselves. More worrying and emotions leads to stress. Last but not least we have financial problems. Some poor families barely have money to pay for a living, yet they have to worry about expensive school fees.

If they manage to exclude that, they still have to worry about pocket money. Some families have the problems of keeping their stomachs full, so other things in life like clothes, shelter, school fees and more seem to be unattainable. There are still a lot more causes to come, but we must eliminate the main causes to help save the teenagers lives, to mankind from extinction. The poor teenagers need our help to face their own problems!