What Does Every Girl Need to Know?

What does every girl need to know? Every girl needs to know that they cannot see themselves through the eyes of other people. We need to be who we want to be.

We cannot let those who think they know what is right and what is wrong tell us what to do or who to be. This is for the girls reading this right now. The girls who feel like a freak, a weirdo, or think they are too smart or not beautiful enough. The girls who stay out of relationships because they do not want to be hurt. The girl that is doing what she thinks she needs to do to be accepted in this life. I am writing this because you are more smart and more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

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I have been told that too many times. That is what destroyed my self confidence, my self worth, and my self esteem. I could not handle the pain anymore. I became more aware of my surroundings. I never spoke much at home. I felt like every time I tried to open my mouth to speak I was in trouble.

I was told that I needed to do things that I did not want to do. I felt like I needed to change who I was in order to fit in. I felt like I had to act and dress differently to be perfect or to fit in or have friends. I want to do things for me. I want to be someone that my little sister will look up to some day.

I cannot bear myself with the past that I have. I had to move on. I had to get into a new atmosphere. A new atmosphere, a change, something different. I needed to move on and move out.

I finally moved in with my dad and stepmom full time. That was possibly the easiest decision I have ever made, easier than choosing the toppings on my ice cream. Before I moved in with them I was treated like the tiniest piece of dirt that was not seen by others and my own family. My stepmom has had the biggest impact on my life. She is honestly the person who has helped me move on from what has happened.

She has told me things that my mother never even told me. She has helped me more than anyone else has. She is my rock. I do not care if she is not blood. She is family and the family that makes me the best I can be. My dad and stepmom have given me the ability to be the person I need to be.

They have helped me to be the person I am today. They accept me for who I am. I would be a completely different person without them. They are the ones who have helped to shape me into who I need to be. Who I want to be.

I could not be where I am today without them. If you are to take anything away from this is to be true to yourself. Find out who you are as a person. Do not let people tell you who to be and who not to be. You are strong, independent, and beautiful and you know that.

Do not let others tell you who to be, what to do, and do not let them classify you as an individual. You do not always have to do things the way you are told to. Do not be afraid of what others are telling you to do. Be confident in yourself. Do not let others bring you down and push you around. I am here to tell you that you are worth so much more than you realize.

You can be the best person you want to be when you just put your mind to it. You can change the world if you wanted to. Just set your mind to what you know is right, not to what others have told you is right because most likely it is not right. I feel like every girl needs to know that they cannot base their lifestyle choices off of what others are telling them; off of how social media states girls should look or act. I feel like if the younger generations had better role models and better celebrity role models then there would not be as many problems with girls and their self confidence and them fighting to find their self worth. I am so much more than what I used to be told I was.

When others say stuff about me that is not true I just shrug it off because I know what I am, and I do not need someone else telling me wrong. I ignored it and decided you know what that is not who I am anymore. I have changed for the greater good of myself. I have shaken off all the negativity and hate people have thrown my way and not cared of what others think of me anymore. If they do not like me for me, then they are not worth my time. I learned with a little help from encouraging people, and so can you.

Tell me, Who are you? Who do you believe you can be? Think about this for a second. You cannot put people in your life who you believe are telling you all these horrible things and telling you to be someone you are not. Do not change yourself because it is what others want. Do you change who you are as a person to be what society has told you to be? I feel like every girl needs to know that they just need to be themselves, and to stop worrying of what others think of them. Just.

Be. You. “Life is funny, things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone.” -Zayn Malik