What Happened To You?… School!

Picture this is in your mind. You are getting looked at from all angles.

There is one person in front of you. They are speaking to you while you are holding your breath. All of a sudden, your books are on the floor and your feet are off the ground. You can hear the whispers of the spectators, while the person is barking rude comments into your face. He then drops you, and your head is on your binder, while blood is running down your face hitting your lips.

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The spectators turn into a blank hallway. Then you ask yourself the question, Why? This is one of the many situations that students have to deal with everyday. Thus the number of suicides, have increased within the last ten years. This shows how schools cause negative effects on people , because not only does it hurt students physically, but it also hurts them psychologically, and emotionally. First of all, schools cause problems psychologically for students in and out of school grounds, because of school work.According to the semi-annual survey on youth risk, basically one of six students in high school have made the serious and important decision based on school suicide.

Unfortunately, one in twelve students have gone deeply into the mist of school related suicide and have actually tried it (NYDN). Stress turns into depression, which can turn to a student from a straight A student with a positive attitude, to a depressed straight D student who wants to give up on life. Many students have been through tough times of depression due to homework. Alarmingly, 80 percent of students suffer from anxiety from the work that is assigned (New York Times).The overload of homework has led children to a depressed mental state.

The homework can get the student overwhelmed, and can cause them to have their emotions tossed around the place like a ragdoll. “As the college admissions process becomes more demanding, more admissions tests, more rigorous classes, more applications, more college tours. The stress on students increases” (Wilde). The ending of school is college. When college ends, a person wants an exceptional job.

In order to get the exceptional job, they need an exceptional college. However, the college process has been getting harder. Trying to get into even harder colleges makes the students feel the wrath of stress. Some may say that it is not the schools fault and that the problems come with how the student deals with stress. However, if 80 percent of students say that they are dealing with anxiety with the amount of work they have, it is not the way they deal with stress.

There must be something wrong with the amount of work a student is receiving. As one may see, students have had troubles psychologically with school as a whole from the overdose of school projects. Furthermore, students are physically getting hurt from school, both from work and people. Elementary students have suffered from headaches, migraines, and many other physical effects. Doctors have narrowed it down to pressure of performance in school that makes these elementary students have physical effects (Abeles). These students are being physically affected by which how they perform during school.

The stress is getting them in a way where their bodies are hurting from working too hard. In the article Teen Commits Suicide Due to Bullying, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year, according to the CDC. For every suicide among young people, there are at least 100 suicide attempts. Over 14 percent of high school students have considered suicide, and almost 7 percent have attempted it” (James). Bullying has really taken its toll on how it affects students lives.

There are been many suicides relating to school bullying. A lot of more high schoolers have considered suicide then there should be in the generation that the students are living in. A 17 year old boy Eric Mohat was a bully victim. He was getting bullied so badly that unfortunately he killed himself, when someone said that he should (James). Suicide has been the answer for thousands of bullied teens and the following is just another example of it. Though too many adults still see bullying as just part of growing up.

However, “growing up” can cause students to get hurt or even get killed. “Growing up” can only affect that person. If bullying is a part of “growing up” than children should never want or even should grow up. Not “growing up” can save thousands of lives. Evidently, school and it’s students, can be a really big physical issue to other students.

Additionally, students and young children are getting affected emotionally by school. According to Michael Gonchar of the New York Times, “Play is more important than make-work” (Gonchar). Students want their time to be their fun and expressive self’s. However, when there is too much homework, they are trapped and they can’t be their fun and expressive self’s. This will make children sad and aggravated, because they can’t be free from school.

When an individual puts another individual down, they affect how the child feels (Gonchar). When making someone doubt themselves, the person makes the person feel bad for themselves. They begin to get sad and confused on why they were chosen to be the affected one. Some may say that the children are too sensitive and they need to forget about it and move on. On the other hand, it is okay if people deal with criticism in different ways than other people do.

But, they need help, so that the criticism does just go over their head. There needs to be a solution to help children get over things like that. To sum it all up, school affects students in an emotional manner as well as the other two ways. As aforementioned, school provides negative effects on students in and out of school. Students have been physically getting attacked by students and the work the school curriculum gives them. Also, the psychological attack on them is a real struggle, with thoughts of suicide being the nail in the coffin.

Emotionally, students are not as happy as they were when they only had a have of a day of school in kindergarten. Not being able to be hanging out socially, makes a student’s emotion overall sad. By taking action now, students from all over the world can be saved from the harsh future ahead. Board of Education systems need to be fixed due to the overload of work that they are assigning children. Principles and Board of Directors, have to go deeper into bullying cases at their school.

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