What makes me different

What Makes Me Different Question of the day, what makes me different from other people? Good question, but there just so happens to be many answers. My appearance, skills, hobbies, many things.

It could be that I prefer to be alone rather than in a group, or it can be that I love to paint and read. There is more though;what makes me different is that i’m a unique and individual person no one is exactly like me. What makes me different is how I think of life or how big of an imagination i have. What makes me different is how different I am from mostteenage girls, I don’t wear makeup and clothes aren’t everything to me, but neither is popularity. In my perspective popularity, makeup, and clothes don’t make up who you are on the inside.

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You can cake your face with makeup and have the best clothes and be the most popular but if you aren’t good on the inside than none of that matters. Everyday I wake up, I go to school and everyday something new amazes me. I see new things, and I learn a new lessons. For example just yesterday I heard this group of girls talking horrible about this person I knew. I thought to myself, why do people do things like that, dothey have regards for anyone else’s feelings? Then it came to me no they don’t, because as long as they have the popularity and the nice clothes they can make fun of anyone and think of themselves as more superior than anyone else. That is what makes me different from anyone else, it’s the way i think and in what perspective i think in.

I feel like everyone is equal to everyone no one is more superior and no one is better than anyone. I’m an observer, i like to look at things kind of analyze them in my head, I like to think of things differently than other people do. I feel like that makes me stand out more than other people.In class when I am told to read an article or to discuss a conflict i think of not only my point of view but others. I tend to look at the smaller pictures inside the big pictures, and I think of the small things first.

For example in ninth grade I read Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. In one scene Romeo is exiled for killing Tybalt. While everyone was thinking oh no Romeo is exiled, I was thinking what will Juliet do? What will Romeo’s family think? Will Romeo and Juliet still get married?Even in stories I am think of the most smallest details. Im a detailed person. Every little detail means everything to me. I tend to go overboard when it comes to class work or projects.

For Example if the teacher says write a five hundred word essay I will write a thousand words, because when it comes down to school work i want to go above and beyond. That makes me different from other people. I see kids in my class and they will get an F on a test and they laugh. In my mind I feel like education is the most important thing, because education defines who you are and what you will become, and that is why I treat education so seriously. I’m not like most teens.

I don’t go out a lot, I don’t wear make up, and i’m not popular. I feel like these things make me special though. I am special, i’m an individual, I am unique, I have my own imagination and my own mind. I like to read and paint but also analyze and compare. I plan way ahead and take education really seriously.

All of these things make me different from other people,it doesn’t have to be my appearance, my skills,or even my hobbies. It can be the little things I do, how I look at the world through my perspective. Basically what make me special.