What Makes My House a Home

My house was built in the 1960’s and has had just two different families living in it, one of them being my own. There are a few giveaways which show that it is in fact a house fit for a family, with crayon on the wall, a height chart engraved in the living room door frame, and a fruit bowl which everyone puts the odd bits from their pockets in. As you enter the house there is a flight of stairs lined with a faded salmon carpet. It is slightly worn from years of people walking up and down it without removing their shoes. To the right there is the kitchen diner.

The kitchen is big and has a breakfast bar in the middle with two stalls tucked underneath it. The cupboard doors are pine wood, one is a little scratched from where one of the pets has tried to get in. To the left as you walk in the front door is the lounge, which leads through to the dining room extension. The lounge has a brown and cream theme with touches of Africa, such as giraffe ornaments. There is a mantel piece which has birthday cards rested on top, and a warm fire beneath it. There are pictures of the family hanging on the walls, in all of them holiday sun is shining and everyone looks to be having a good time.

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The dining room is the room used for when guest come over, or at Christmas. It has an extendable table in the middle of the room with 6 chairs around it. There is a computer and desk in the corner with a swivel chair tucked to the side. Upstairs there are four bedrooms and a bathroom. The bathroom is the first door on the right as you go up the stairs; it has an avocado green suite. The towels, soap dispenser and bath mats are white to match the walls.

The floor has tiny green and pink tiles which are laid out in a mosaic effect.The next room is the smaller room of the two big ones. It has a huge airing cupboard where all of the towels are kept, and usually a child is hiding while playing hide and seek. The box room is the first door on your left as you go up the stairs, it has a blue door handle so it is called the blue room. You can’t see much of the carpet as the floor space is pretty tight; the room just about fits a chest of drawers and a single bed.

The wall paper has hundreds of teddy bears on it and posters stuck up.Further down the narrow hall there are two more bedrooms, the master bedroom and another small room. Both rooms have the same salmon carpet as the stairs and hall way and have cream walls.The house is a home for many reasons, one of them being that the holidays for the family have been more of a priority than need for a new bath suite.