What Makes Teachers Great

“A teacher that genuinely cares about their students and wants to help them succeed is what makes a great teacher,” Nicole Fortune, a senior at Arrowhead High School, says. When a teacher stays after class to answer questions and goes out of his other way to make each student succeed that is what I would call not only a great person, but also a great teacher. Also, kids like when teachers are able to relate to them and joke around with them. Students don’t like when teachers are uptight because then they are scared of the teacher. Students won’t come to teachers with questions then.

But if teachers are the opposite, then they will be easy to approach. I think comfort ability is key to a great student and teacher relationship. A teacher’s job is very important because it determines the kids’ futures. So it is crucial that we make sure all of our teachers are not only great, but also outstanding. They go above and beyond what is required. Also, teachers should have clear objectives for all their students.

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So the teachers need to be attentive to the students’ strengths and weaknesses. The teacher should figure out a plan that suites all the students and not just a couple of them. Along with that, teachers should be prepared and organized everyday and help the students whenever possible. Hopefully, the teachers are masters at their work and are able to fully understand what they are teaching, so they can help all the kids who have questions about the subject. They should be really enthusiastic about their work and love what they are doing.

This will then rub off on the students and they will love what they are doing at school.