What's a splash of color gonna do?

OK, first of all I would like to know why schools think that doing one thing is gonna make all bullying go away. Like in my school, we were a pink shirt once or twice a year. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT GONNA DO? I’ll tell you – NOTHING. I’m really sick and tired of schools saying that “they are trying to stop bullying because we are a school that works together” NO – REALITY CHECK! YOU’RE NOT! Some may be, but not all. Trying to stop bullying would be giving out punishments, not wearing a color 14% of students already wear to school. It hasn’t helped at all – and honestly NEVER WILL.

Stop giving detentions out to decent students because they got at the school at 8:01 instead of 8:00. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? Schools need to change. Not argue with students who were stuck in traffic. Not their fault. GOODNESS.

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