What's Wrong

Should learning be fun? Do you retain enough information from school? If standard education were to be reduced, government influence on education would decrease. Over influence does not let the freedom of students flourish. The control the U. S.

has on education interferes with the learning environment, because standard education does not allow for the individual student to advance in learning to the best of their ability. It will be stated, if efforts are made, education could be changed for the better. Standard testing’s involvement grew when the No Child Left Behind was instituted by President Bush. As stated by US liberal politics, having standardized testing, leads to teachers making children’s scores better for testing grades. In turn, that pushes teachers to teach for the test, rather than the goal of learning. As a result teachers teach narrower sets of skills and a diminished range of knowledge.

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When the government group students, it undermines intellectual freedom, and hinders creativity while loading potential of students. Critics would argue, they would state that grouping students as a whole helps the Department of Education make decisions for the better of the group. Policy makers acknowledge that the US has tripled the amount spent on public students, yet test scores have stayed the same. This is because learning environments and curriculum cannot fulfill the creative freedom of intellectual students. Even if the opposition is correct, what are they doing to help their case? They do not provide a solution.

If I knew outcome is wanted, change must occur. If steps are implemented, the situation of Education could improve. Having a system that can categorize is valuable, but not to the extent that it currently does. A more skill centered and creative environment should be created to make students eager to learn. The President Obama once said in the New York Daily News “If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible.” Individualism of learning is over controlled by the government through standard education.

To better the education system teachers should teach to learn. Those who want to increase government influence should create a plan before countering the arguments towards decreasing government influence on education. Learning should be a fun and exciting experience. If carried out; this plan could increase potential jobs of our children; skills and wages would increase as well, ultimately helping our economy. This could all come to happen if government control of Education allowed the students to choose what is best for them.