When can I be a teacher?

From the recent approval by the Korean national assembly to stop prerequisite learning, I have a practical concern: When can I be a teacher? As a current teacher, I’m aware of all the effort the government has put in the education system so that the students respect us.

As, they get the equal rights, or even more due to their smart parents, we are able to prove our level of professionalism controlling students, if it is possible. Also, I’m grateful that they test my patience and give me the chance of researching and testing ways to punish and handle students instead of improving my lesson plan. Due to their brave nature, there’s even a saying that the North Koreans can’t attack us do to these courageous people. I’m so grateful that I’m living in the same period as these people that are protecting me better than the military. Eventually, I would develop the guts to do my work without concerning the audience.

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As the English section in the Korean SAT becomes easier, I would be able to enjoy the debate with a group of mothers that are angry that their children’s effort is not correctly qualified and distinguished from the others. Also, I would have a chance of being blind as I would need to protect those that are doing their English homework from the institution in my English class as those would be the one who would lead our future society. I would have to keep on taking off points with a sentence lacking a comma or making multiple choice questions that leaves room for multiple answers so that I have a way to distinguish those who are good at English and those that have memorized the textbook. I would have more free time as students who study would ask more questions to their institution teachers whereas I would remain silent when somebody asks me an advanced question. Schools should be given exact page numbers that the teachers need to teach so we don’t go beyond the day limit and don’t get punished for breaking the prerequisite learning law. A law shouldn’t block the way to our promotion.

Repressing the students is not right, however giving them the same right as teachers doesn’t produce any positive effect but misery in the school. Also, the new law discriminates the students that aren’t able to pay for institutions to share the equal level of education from those that abuse money in these areas. The law is totally ineffective and wouldn’t have any effect on student’s stress level and their preference of institutions over schools for education would continue. The government should confront this problem and come up with a law that solves the cause of the matter.