When Ways of Life Collide: A Critical Analysis

Attending college or university is something a student chooses to do.  After leaving secondary education it is time to choose which career path to take but this choice will have been made ultimately by the student.  If this career requires further education, a student will have to attend a college in order to gain the achievement.

However, sometimes parental pressure can almost force a student to attend college and this pressure continues throughout their time there.  The pressure to study, the pressure to qualify, can all feel too overwhelming for some students to manage to the best of their ability.College is a very similar environment to secondary school, however there is less discipline when it comes to learning and revising.  If a student is not mature enough to realise this and allows a lapse in concentration, the consequences can be quite negative.  This can perhaps cause a student to consider cheating; copying a fellow student’s work and/or using an outside source.

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   It is not necessarily laziness, just a lack of self-discipline.The same can apply to a student’s lifestyle.  Commonly known for their partying ways, a student can often have a lot of late drunken nights which can ultimately affect their ability to concentrate at college, or even attend in the first place.  Falling behind with work can often lead to a student cheating.  They may feel they are doing this for a good reason but lack the wisdom to realise that there is nothing to be gained in the long term.

  Downloading papers from the Internet is becoming more common, especially American students seeking English paperwork.  In many cases a student feels that if they do not get caught, there is no harm done.  What they are failing to understand is that unless you have written something and done sufficient research within that paper, there is very little insight into the learning of that subject.When writing and researching, the brain absorbs so much more than just reading something.  Therefore it is only cheating yourself when it comes to learning about a certain subject.

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