When will we move on?

The U.S. in particular has a major problem with choosing safe fuels to use. We constantly jump back and forth between using coal, oil, natural gas, when in reality all of these are horrible options.

Coal, oil, and natural gas are nonrenewable resources, meaning once they’re gone they’re gone. Plus because they are fossil fuels, meaning they were once living or part of the atmosphere, they emit a lot of very harmful chemicals. When burned, coal, emits sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, Volatile organic compounds, lead, and sulfur. These all then trickle into the water supply. Sulfur in particular is a major problem because when it combines with water it becomes sulfuric acid. This then contributes to acid rain and the change of water pH, which in turn kills species that live there.

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As for oil, we only have about forty years left yet everyone is so obsessed with it. When burned, oil releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, which contribute to global warming. Natural gas while it doesn’t emit as many chemicals as coal, or oil it has been proved to be harmful to human health. The chemicals that the companies use to drill for the natural gas, seep into all water sources nearby. As shown I the documentary, “Gasland”, people have gotten sick from this and in some severe cases they acquired permanent brain damage. Many animals’ hair started to fall out in chunks and people were able to light their tap water on fire.

President Obama has talked about utilizing all of the natural gas that we have here in the U.S. as an alternative energy source. He mentions that it does not emit as many chemically but what he deliberately does not mention is that doing this will endanger many people’s lives. It is mind boggling that many other countries are turning to better fuel options such as solar power and hydropower but the U.

S. is still living in the past.