Argumentative Essay on Who has it harder?

Who has it harder? Is it the teacher or the student? The teacher teaches one subject only, not having to run around trying to figure out what class is next. The student has to keep track of every class. The teacher doesn’t have to come home each to day various assignments. They just have to grade self imposed ones. The student comes home every day with x amount of pages of read from subjects a,b, and c. The teacher no longer has to study for tests.

They make the tests which they know all the answers too, while the student may have up to five tests in a single day, each one calling for hours and hours of hard studying. The student is trying to survive high school, and is trying to balance friends, school work, sports, and clubs. The teacher has to provide for a family and balance adult life. The student can be bossed around by teachers. The teacher is the boss. The teachers have to watch over all their students.

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Since when does the student make sure that the teachers are all okay too? So who has it harder? Both have to drag themselves out of bed early in the morning. Both have to be at school on time. Both have deadlines to meet. Both have to talk to parents about grades. If you ask me, I’d say we have it even. Every second of hard work given to a student is given to the teacher.

Either way, life revolves around the school. Who has it harder?