Who or What Are to Blame for the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is a widely known tragedy. Even though it happened 80 or so years ago, it is still unkown who or what EXACTLY is to blame for causing it. Who or What to blame for causing it is still a contraversey. Some believe that Adolf Hitler is to blame, some believe that Rudolph Hess is to blame, and some believe that Germany as a whole is to blame.

I believe that Germany as a whole is to blame, though some are more to blame than others. I believe that Germany as a whole is to blame, though some are more to blame than others. Rudolph Hess is one of those that are more to blame than others. “I commanded Auschwitz until 1 December 1943, and estimate at least 2,500,000 victims were executed and exterminated there by gassing and burning, and at least another half million succumed to starvation and disease making a total of about 3,000,000.”(Affidavit of Rudolf Hess).

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Hess murdered around 3 million jews from “1 May 1940,” to “1 December 1943.” Hess willingly murdered those people without a single regret or guilt roaming on his consience. In a photo of The Hitler Youth Program it shows a group of young boys sharing similar attributes doing the Nazi salute. Judging by the looks on the boys faces it seems as though the parents are making the children doing this. Therefore the parents, most likely, believe exactly what Adolf Hitler did. Therefore the parents are to blam as well.

While on trial Adolf Eichmann attempted to push blame off of himself. “I was not the one who issued orders. I was only a reciever of orders.” (Eichmann stated this while on trial). Eichmann attempted to push the blame off of him and onto other repeatedly. “I have not on my conscience single death; I never ordered any killing.

.. I had no influence because of my lowly rank and position.” Some people disagree with me and say that Adolf Hitler is the only one to blame. “One single promise was kept by Hitler, the most terrible of the deeds which brought eternal discrase, the promise of the execution of the Jews- that promise was kept.

” While it is partly Hitler’s fault he couldn’t have accomplished what he did without Germany behind him as a whole. The Holocaust is a diverse, argumentative topic and I wanted to expand on what I thought. The Germans as a whole are to blame though some are more to blame than others. The Holocaust, while a very large tragedy, needs to be discussed so some people can come to a conclusion on who or what is to blame for causing the Holocaust.