Why Not Homeschool? Narrative Essay

An estimation made by Obama said, “there are over seven million kids being homeschooled take or give a few.” There are a little more than seven billion people in the world. Seven billion people to live on earth, and use the resources. Out if those seven billion people roughly half are kids, who need an education. If we all have to share Earth and its resources are we really going to deny a child their right to learn? Weather a child is homeschooled or not is the parents’ choice.

The choice they make does not negatively affect anyone. Also, children who are homeschooled have a better education as an individual. Home schooling should and needs to continue being permitted. The choice to send a child to public school or not, is a choice only the child and his/her parents’ can make. There are children in the world where their beliefs are the most important thing.

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This seems very stupid to people who aren’t practicing the same religion, however it is still true. These kids have a ceremony or church that takes place when public/private school is going on, if they are not able to attend then the only other option would be to homeschool. In a public/private school being bullied or picked on cannot ever be truly stopped or nonexistent. Kids can’t always handle this type of abuse; often this is what they spend their time thinking about instead of focusing on the task at hand: learning. Being homeschooled would be a safe, quiet, and educational place to learn.

Yet, people may say that if a parent chooses to home school their child that, that family is so stuck up they can’t even send their kid to private /public school. This however, is false. While the people who say this may be right about some families this is not true about all families. Some people just can’t afford to send their kid to a school, yet they still want their child to have a good education; so they homeschool. Besides, the choice of home schooling doesn’t negatively affect anyone. If anything, it positively affects kids in public school because the school will have fewer students.

This means that students will have more one on one teacher time, more computer time, just more textbooks and supplies in general. All this equates to a better education. Many people think kids shouldn’t be homeschooled because that means they get “special treatment.” This is not true. Children who are homeschooled are required to take the state testing all kids in private/public school take. Most people are unaware of this.

While it is true that many kids who are homeschooled generally don’t have to get up as early or get dressed and look nice; and can do school when ever and where ever. They still have to learn the same things as public/private school kids. Teachers in public school have to find a medium of teaching. They can’t make it too hard for the kids who are less skilled in that class; they also can’t make it too easy for the most skilled kids in that class. The facts are plain as day, there’s always going to be the kid who’s falling asleep because they’re in the most advanced class that’s offered and it’s still too easy for them.

Or it may be vice versa. This is when homeschooling maybe the perfect solution. The child can learn at his or her own pace and however easiest for them. In public/private schools the teacher may say to read the chapter in a textbook and take notes. Some kids can’t comprehend the book the way others can but they have no choice but to do what the teacher said. They can also give worksheets, stand in front of the class and explain and answer questions until the cows come home and still not be able to reach students.

While being homeschooled students can learn however they need. A lot of people believe that kids being homeschooled have no future. This isn’t true. Kids can still get into college and be successful. They can be just as successful as any other kid.

Public schooled kids and home schooled kids get the same treatment; no one gets the better end of the deal; while people may believe that homeschoolers have no future, some of the smartest people are homeschooled. The choice isn’t up to anyone other than the child and his/her parents. Home schooling needs to continue to be an option for all families, because without it some kids will not have an education or a good education.