Why Teachers Shouldn’t Give Homework Over Breaks

Students highly anticipate the Thanksgiving and Winter breaks each year; however, they are starting to become more and more dreadful due to loads of busy work. These breaks should be free of homework so kids can relax, get rid of stress, and have fun without worrying about tons of projects. Teachers should think about one major question: what’s the point of taking a break in the school year when homework is assigned? These days off should give students free time and an opportunity to take a break. I know from recent experience that it’s incredibly stressful to have as many as four projects to do at the same time. Teachers have no consideration of workloads from other classes.

We’d like to sit back and relax every now and then. Just a thought… Another point to consider: by assigning more homework, it creates more work for the teacher. Why would anyone want to do that? I’m not a teacher, but I’m sure they’d like a break from busy work too! By giving homework over the breaks, teachers are stuck grading worksheets and papers for at least a week after the break…who likes that? All teachers out there: the next time you consider giving a project over a long break, think about the consequences. Although these projects seem necessary for learning, they’re only creating stress and worry for students who are conscientious about getting all of their homework done. By using class time to its fullest, projects and additional homework assignments shouldn’t be necessary. I understand we need homework to learn, but an overload of homework, say three to four projects due within days of each other, can create too much stress for students that are just trying to enjoy their high school experience.

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