Why the Gulf War?

There could be a few people among teens who know about the Gulf War. Although for most of us, this war happened before most, if not all, teens were even born. Most of us know about the Iraq war that is going on today. However, the Iraq War happened because of the Gulf War. Because the Gulf War happened before we were born, or those of who were born and do not remember, it will be simplified as to why the war happened.

The Gulf War happened for a few main reasons. The first reason was money. Iraq had gone into debt from the Iraq-Iran War and so needed to repay their money. Iraq’s plan was to repay their debts by cutting oil supply and raising the prices. Now Iraq’s neighbor, Kuwait, had put a surplus of oil into the market driving the cost of oil down. Therefore, Iraq had lost their way of repayment.

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About the same time Iraq had lost their way of repayment, Iraq had launched a reconstruction program that cost eighty billion dollars. That put them in debt to their neighbor, Kuwait. Iraq had demanded that Kuwait forgive the debts and help them with their reconstruction program. When Kuwait had refused to forgive their debts, Iraq invaded Kuwait. There was another reason that Iraq had invaded Kuwait.

And that was oil. Iraq had believed that Kuwait was using a slant drill to get to an oil field that was under Iraqi soil. The reason for Iraq expecting this was because of Kuwait’s oil rigs being so close to the border. Therefore Iraq had believed that the oil Kuwait was drilling was from under Iraqi soil. When America got involved was when America was asked for help from Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia knew they couldn’t stand up to Iraq without help. None of the Middle Eastern countries could have stood a chance without outside help. America had made Desert Shield. This was to protect Saudi Arabia from an Iraqi attack. The n the next phase was called Desert Storm.

This phase was meant to take back Kuwait and take away any military power Iraq had left.