Wild Green or Plants with Chemicals?

When people see wild greens around and their babies trying to eat it, usually the parents scream and tell the babies to stop eating those wild greens since nobody knows if they’re actually edible or not. However, what most people don’t really know is that many wild greens are edible, and could be even far better than the greens the farmers grow in their farms. People want to eat foods that has “bio” written over it, but they don’t want to eat the wild greens. It’s strange since “bio” means not having any chemicals in a plant and wild greens don’t have chemicals at all either.

First, the wild greens are better because for an obvious reason. They don’t contain any chemicals; they’re organic. Sure, the chemicals drive the bugs away from eating all the plants. However, that doesn’t mean anything. In fact, the chemicals the farmers use is more harmful to humans that the bugs that eat away farmer’s plants. Besides, the chemical is factory-made and any food made by the factory is usually unhealthy for humans as well as other living organisms around the world.

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If a person from way in the past could eat a plant without any chemicals and still stay put, there’s no reason for people nowadays to use chemicals to just kill the bugs and made the rest of the population unhealthy. Besides, anyone can kill bugs while using other materials than just chemicals and while people still use chemicals these days, farm-raised plants won’t be as healthy as people imagine it to be. Second, the wild greens don’t have any cultivation nor care. They are drought-tolerant and since they’re wild, they are nutritionally superior to their tamed counterparts. This comes in handy since when farmers farm, they need water to feed the plants and good soil to keep them living. In short, they need good environment to live or they’ll die easily.

However, with the wild plants, they can endure floods and droughts, as well as many other natural disasters. They don’t die easily and can be tougher than any other plants raised by the farms. Of course, the tamed plants also needs care and humans care them. But, wild greens don’t need care and so, they don’t need humans to do all the hard work for them as well. Third, the wild greens are free for the intrepid forager. In the past, people used to collect herbs and plants to do cooking and nowadays, people need to pay for the plants we have to cook.

But not in the past. In the past, people went looking for the plants in the forest, not in a supermarket. Therefore, the wild greens are practically free, and doesn’t cost a thing to get them. This would be very useful nowadays since the world is giving its attention in feeding everybody and having nobody go starved. Of course, in poor nations, people still starve. However, this will change if people actually start eating wild greens that are edible.

It’s free, so even poor people can afford to get it and since wild greens can grow practically anywhere on earth except maybe for deserts, many people can have their day without any starvation. The wild greens are always misunderstood and many people think it’s not edible or just not safe to eat. However, when people go deep into the knowledge of the wild greens and compare them to the plants growing in the farms, it’s explicitly shown that the wild greens are far better, healthier, and much more cheaper than the tamed ones growing on the farm.