Women's Roles

Women’s roles in society have been a controversial issue throughout the world. The change in women’s role over past years did affect their status in the society. In recent years, women have been working on stuff they never experienced or tried before.

Several changes that affect women positively are that they can get a higher education, be involved in political activities and join armed forces. Unlike women in ancient times, women in nowadays were allowed to receive higher education. Women are not requiring staying at home and serving their husband anymore. Women were allowed to go to college in past years. This change lowers down the number of illiterate women.

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Moreover, women who receive higher education can get a better job outside. It will also increase the employment rate. Last but not least, more and more women will become economically independent, which means that they don’t have to rely on men for survival. Unlike what Saint John said in “Women’s Status” that women taught once, and ruined all. A strong nation should promote equalities between education of men and women.

Education gives women a better future and a better life. Recently, women are more actively involved in politics. This change differs from what Aristotle stated in the article “Traditional Evangelical Christian Doctrine Advocates Gender Equality and Social Justice,” that the “relationship between the male and female is by nature such that …the male rules and female is ruled.” Some women became really successful politicians. For example, Hilary Clinton was appointed as the secretary of state, a really high position in federal government.

She is dealing with various foreign affairs and she gives advices to the president, Obama. Another successful female politician is the prime minister of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra. Being the prime minister of Thailand, she has influential power on some important political and economical issues. These women symbolize the rise of woman’s power in the public. Women’s involvement in government is certainly a positive change. Many brave women joined army force to defend their countries and nations.

Based on “Women Are Recognized as Military Heroes” by Laura Yao, 82,000 women had served in Iraq or Afghanistan. They made up 11% percent of total Army contribution. According to Mr. McCulley, his wife insisted on joining the military even though it meant she would have to be away from him and their two sons. Similar to what Yao said, “Women are increasingly finding themselves on the front lines, and their heroics in the face of danger are being recognized.” Women won medals and are gaining respect from the world for their bravery.

Without a doubt, women who joined military had successfully proved their abilities. Although there are many positive changes in women’s roles, there are some negative effects. Article “Women’s Status” stated that women form a small percentage of the United States congress and British parliament. Moreover, in some wealthy countries, women do not share equally in national power or wealth. However, it was not until recently, women started to have powers in public. In retrospect, they were not even allowed to receive education.

This explains why women form two-third of the world’s illiterates. Nonetheless, today’s situation has changed; women were allowed to receive higher education. Once women can go to college, they will learn and achieve more. It really takes time for women to catch up the progress of men. Someday in future, when more women are educated, there will be more female politicians. In a nutshell, the change in women’s roles did affect them positively.

Although there are several negative effects, it is mostly positive. Women are getting better jobs with higher degrees. They earn higher status by having more power and say in government. Lastly, women enlisted in the army are being respected. The change in women’s role in the society over the past few years affect them positively. Work Cited Frontline, Earn Medals in Iraq War.

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