Work as a team

I do not believe in organizational charts or position description of any kind In this company declared Johnny Ramose, president and founder of the power company, manufacturer of men’s ready to wear (ART) suits and Jackets.

” we are a successful and fast rising company where I want all mangers and labor to work as a team. Organizational charts and Job descriptions make people believe they own a position on a chart and want to keep It. We grew from a small company with 100,000 annual sales to a 5 million enterprise because we pooled our resources, coming up with nominative products at low costs.

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We are not San Miguel Corporation with Its complex organization charts. ” Ms.

Slang, the company comptroller, strongly defended the president, emphasizing that teamwork, not organization charts, is the key to success. Linda Gigantic, head of the manufacturing, believed otherwise and declared the president’s view ” absurd and unprepossessing. ” Ms Gigantic said “l could not run my department without organization charts and position description. As a matter of fact, “l have them hidden in my desk where Johnny Ramose never see them! ” I chose our recent topic which is Organizational Structure part of Human Behavior in Organization.

This is a case study which focuses on the importance of using organizational chart towards attaining success in a company. Outline in solving the case Statement of the Problem: How can Ms.

Lana Gigantic convince ten president, Mr.. Johnny Ramose to legally implement the usage of organizational charts. Objectives: Short range objectives To conduct an assembly about the introduction on legally implementation and usage of organizational charts. Long range objectives To develop the usage of organizational charts in the entire company. Areas of Consideration: Expansion of the company .

President’s view is absurd and unprepossessing.

Conflicting views of the middle management. Alternative Courses of Action: Conduct a conference with Mr.. Johnny Ramose and department heads/officers for the introduction of organizational charts. By aiding Mr.

. Johnny Ramose statistics and data about equitable distribution of works and functions among his employees. Conduct a research about different companies, which uses organizational charts to present to Mr.. Johnny Ramose the effectiveness of an organizational chart. Recommendation Conduct a research about different companies, which uses organizational charts to present to Mr.

. Johnny Ramose the effectiveness of an organizational chart.

Advantages: it shows the success of other big companies through their implementation of organizational charts. It gives a clearer view about the differentiations and elements delegation of the company. Disadvantages: result cannot be verified in a short period of time. -time consuming -too much pressure.

Conclusion: of I therefore conclude that through conducting a research from different companies, which uses organizational charts, will solve the problem. ) Inform the president that she, Ms Linda Gigantic, uses organizational charts silence ten sat art AT ten company’s operation. ) Inform the president about the upcoming research project. 3) Construct a research team. 4) Collection of data 5) Comparison of data 6) Analysis of data 7) Presentation of research 8) Conduct a formal discussion with the president regarding the usage of organizational chart 9) Implementation of the usage of organizational charts in the entire company. It has been proven that the weakness in the organization is a positive sign because it indicates the people to attain teamwork, since they know that there should be cooperation to accomplish something.

Subsequently people could work together more effectively if they know the roles they want to perform in any group undertaking and how their roles relates to one another. Organizational charts assists management to divide the different duties or functions in the business establishment so that they will be performed effectively and efficiently. Organizational chart helps management to visualize the different divisions, departments and sections of the business.