World War 1

In this essay, I am going to answer the questions; should you always support a friend, no matter what he or she does? What might be the long-term consequences of refusing to help an ally? And In your opinion, what are the reasons for going to war that might justify the death and destruction that inevitably result? I think that you should always support a friend no matter what they do. Unless it’s incredibly stupid. Like they rob a store or punch a girl in the face. That’s just dumb. So if I was Italy, I would have done what they did and went to the other side.

The long-term consequences of refusing to help an ally are they won’t help you out later, they will probably not give you supplies and stuff, and they won’t trust you anymore. If you need help later on and they won’t help you, then you could lose land and your people could die. They won’t help you because you didn’t help them. Reasons for going to war that are to defend and protect your country, and to help an ally. You shouldn’t just let someone attack you without fighting back.

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Think about your people and their families. And the same thing about helping an ally. You should have some honor and defend your friend. So these are my answers to the questions.