World War 2

World War 2 There were many wars in the past, which caused deaths. In 1939 it was the start of World War 2, the Holocaust.

Took place in Germany. There was a huge amount of Jewish population, and went down to a very small amount of Jew’s that were saved. There are many thing to know about the Holocaust like, the causes of Jew’s death and Adolf Hitler, and war over land. The Holocaust started in Europe, September, 1, 1939 in Germany. Jewish population was over nine-million.

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They killed and/or murdered men, women, and kids that were Jewish. “But they made people suffer of death under Nazi tyranny like homosexuals, Soviet prisoner of war, political residents, Jehovah’s witnesses, and more.” (World War II and the Holocaust ) Jews were forced to move into the ghetto area. Cities where they were supervised by Germans, while Germans were in the vacant properties. Jews had no choice, they would either follow what they would say or they would die. Also Carbon monoxide gas (hydrogen Cyanide) was a type of gas to use to murder.

Many Jews were killed. More than four-million were killed or murdered. Either way, if Jews would have followed orders then they would have died in a certain amount of time because in the ghetto area was a horrible part of Europe. Adolf Hitler was born in April, 20, 1889 and died in Berlin, Germany on April 30, 1945. “Grew up in upper border of Austria.

“(The American Experience.America and t…) He was hoping of becoming an artist, so he moved vienna, where he could go to the cities art academy.

He killed himself and his wife (Eva Braun). ” He shot himself in the mouth.” (The American Experience.America and t…

) Meaning Hitler committed suicide. Everything was over after his death. ” The Nazi came to power in Germany in 1933.” (World War II and the Holocaust ) Hitler extended German power to central Europe in Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1939. Later invaded west of Portland and started World War 2 the same year. But the Polish Army was defeated.

“France and Britain declared war on Germany in support of Portland.”(World War II and the Holocaust ) Then the Soviet Union occupied eastern of Portland the same year. And remained like that till 1941. Germany invaded the follow such as Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, and luxembourg and France. Also the Soviet Union attacked Finland.

They occupied the following, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Also know as the Baltic countries. Later Germany conquered Finland and Croatia. They also attacked the Soviet union and moved in further in the southeast to the Volga River. 1942-1944 the Soviet union attack Germany’s territory and then reached to Germany’s eastern border. “The Allied invaded Sicily and Italian mainland in summer.

“(World War II and the Holocaust ) Also landed in northern France. Finally the war ended with Germany’s “unconditional surrender” in May 1945. That was the end of World War 2. World War 2 ended on September, 2, 1945 in Europe. The Holocaust was over. All the causes of Jews deaths and Hitler’s.

Many Jews died during the war. Germany, the Soviet Union and the Allied fighting over land in Europe territories. World War 2 was very sad. All the deaths, a big population to small population. How they treated them and the way the killed them with the gas.

But if the Jews were not dead there would have been a bigger population.