Young Adults and Their Parents

Over the past decades, the young adults have been disagreeing with their parents on diverse issues. one of the causes that has been attributed to these conflicts is in regard to their age.

many adolescents at puberty stage exhibit behavior changes. many of the behaviors changes are negative and many young adults become violent and rebellious. generally, this is a biological process that takes place in their bodies at this age bracket. Therefore, it becomes a challenging task for the youths to maintain their virtual at this age. Young adults are in constant disagreement with their parents due to the fact that they feel they have already reached maturity stage whereby they should not be under any authority.

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the young adults also view themselves as independent and possessing the ability to make their own decision. However, many of the cases regarding disagreement between the young adults and their parents are due to negative peer pressure. Young adults disagreeing with their parents is experienced in every culture and society. This is due to the fact that there is equal effect of puberty to the behavior of the young adults. However, some cultures and societies are strict on the negative behaviors portrayed by the youths and therefore they portray small magnitudes of indiscipline. despite the many indiscipline cases that have been reported in various societies, not all the young adults who portray these indiscipline.

Quite a large number of young youths have been able to control their emotions. Many youths however still struggle to maintain their virtual and not disrespect their parents without success. The future behavior of the youths is mostly determined at this age. The youths who have self control grow to be responsible adults in future while the others may struggle with their lives so as to fit in the community.