Zurich Case Study Creating Quality Customer Care

Zurich Insurance Group provides Insurance and other financial services to both Individuals and businesses. The group has more than 130 years experience and Is one of the world’s largest insurance groups

Page 1: Introduction Zurich Insurance Group provides insurance and other financial services to both individuals and businesses. The group has more than 130 years experience and is one of the world’s largest insurance groups.

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It has more than 60,000 employees and operates in over 170 countries. In the UK alone, Zurich has over two million live policies and each month its Life business handles 300,000 interactions with customers by telephone and mail, as well as a further 300,000 email and internet enquiries. Zurich products and services include insurance for properties, accidents, ears and life.

The aim of insurance is to help people and businesses protect themselves financially if something goes wrong. There can be major financial consequences if expensive assets like buildings and cars are damaged.

People need assurance that they will not suffer if someone is unable to work, requires extensive treatment or care because of an accident or dies. The policy holder has the reassurance that if something goes wrong, the consequences are managed and Church’s insurance will, at least financially, help to put things right.

In exchange for its customers paying money in regular premiums (over a specified period of time) Zurich promises that it will be there when It Is needed. Code of conduct and core values In a service Industry many companies offer broadly salary products. Quality Is one way In which Zurich can differentiate Its services from those of Its competitors. It puts delivering quality customer service at the heart of everything It does.

Church’s ambition Is to be the best global Insurer as measured by Its customers, shareholders and employees. Zurich demonstrates its commitment to achieve its ambition through