4 Reasons to Learn Romanian

It’s a shame that these days student in school are very limited in what foreign language they can learn to apply for college credit. I would say most High Schools only offer French, Spanish, and Japanese.

For years I played around with languages. I tried Spanish in First Grade I didn’t really care for it. I tried a summer program on Japanese and didn’t care too much for that. I think it’s important that everyone know some other language besides their native one, but when High School rolled around I never really got a chance. One reason being I’m special needs. I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome a form of Autism and A.

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D.D. As a result of my learning disabilities I’ve been put in resource class’s or adapted classes, to help me learn better. As a freshman you don’t have much space for electives so the resource classes took up some of that space. I also was mislead by my teacher of record and she said I didn’t need 2 years of a foreign language to get into a college unless I was trying to get an honors diploma. So Sophomore year comes and according to her all I needed was one year of a foreign language, and guess what? All the beginning classes to foreign language were cut out to due budget cuts so now there was no way I could learn a foreign language.

Then this year I was searching around on you tube and ran into some pop songs in Romanian. I had no idea what they were talking about but I loved them. This is what sparked the idea of learning the language so I did. Here’s why I learned it and why you might like to give it a try if you would like a foreign language to learn. 1. Resources are available if you look- I tunes,you tube, Amazon is full of resources on how to speak Romanian. There are no Rosetta Stone programs on Romanian but I guarantee you if you just look up Romanian language resources on internet you can make your own course. That’s what I’ve done. My suggestion would be to stay away from computer programs that teach Romanian because they tend to be meager on the amount of Romanian you’ll learn. I would suggest if you have some money try ordering the book “Romanian an essential Grammer” by Romana Gonczol off of Amazon. My only con about this book is there’s no audio for it so my advice would be to make sure you known the basic alphabet first which you learn from various videos off of you tube.

2. It’s a Latin language-If you’ve taken an Etymology class or are in some way quite familiar with Latin roots Romanian will be an easier language for you. Many Romanian words like realitatea ( reality) are derived from latin roots they’re just spelled as words differently in Romanian. 3. If you learn some words it will help you pronounce other words- Take the word poate ( maybe) for example, there are so many other words in romanian that ends in that “Ah- tey” sound that’s found in “pwah-tey”. 4.

The music from Romania is so fun- If you’re tired of the same songs on your iPod then I suggest you buy Romanian songs. Romania is big on it’s techno with artists like Akcent, Edward Maya,Inna.They too have Hip Hop with artists like Alex Velea and Anda Adam. The melody’s are so catchy you’ll just want to get up and dance to them. You might not understand the lyrics at first,but you still might get into them like I did if you give it a chance.

The lyrics will teach so much about the language if you decide to learn, just remember though eventually you’ll need to know what they mean to know whether the song’s are appropriate or not. It’s unfortunate Romanian is not taught in school’s and I think it could be. Again as I said it is a Latin language so that makes it easier for an American to learn. I can’t guarantee though you can get a Romanian class that will count as foreign language credit right now. I never got a chance to learn a foreign language so until I find the language that will count I’m learning Romanian.