$50 for a good report card

The corner stone of one’s life, the foundation of one’s future, the magic power that molds the qualities of a person: Education. We all know education is one of the most important things in our life and it carves the way our life will go.

If we look at the kids in the U.S. right now, kids are not yet at the level they should be with the resources provided to them. To save the future we must do something now, or it will lead to a life time mistake. Teachers and parents are trying loads of different and unique ideas to make kids study and learn, in the process wasting millions and in the end not succeeding with numerous kids learning. So why not just pay them so that they will learn? Either way they are working.

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A new type of encouragement Harvard economist Roland G fryer is a supporter of this recent idea. Fryer’s point is that today people encourage kids to get good grades. Paying them is just another encouragement. Good qualities One of the main good things that this can do is that it will start a chain reaction.

When the kid that doesn’t get good grades see that the kid getting good grades get paid, they might want to be just like them, not only so that they can get paid but also to accomplish a goal. This will teach them that you can achieve things through hard work. Also, kids can learn the “value of the dollar” and see that it is hard to earn some money. Negative effects Defiantly problems can occur. There is a possibility that this might increase bullying, some say the kids won’t learn that life can be hard sometimes, kids might protest to increase the amount of money they have been given, and possibly other problems can occur, it is true that this might happen, but if the kids don’t get educated it will be a mistake everyone will regret. So for the sake of the future kids in the U.

S. and for the future of our country, it will be worth it to pay kids for learning. Think of it as a token of our appreciation.