Internship report draft

Company: Wriggler Addis textile factory PL. Internship coach: Mr..

Worded Mare, Human Resource manager April 2014 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost I would like to express my thanks to God because of His love and strength that He has given to me to finish this internship report. I do thank for His blessings to my daily life, good health, healthy mind and good ideas. Next I want to thank deeply: Mr..

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Worded Mare, HER manager for giving opportunity, to learn and get the real work experience and who excellence in supervision and devotion to inspired during my internship.

In addition to him I would like to thank all department heads especially Mr.. Susann Finance dept. Head, Mr.. Habit Planning and IT head, Mr.

. Fantasy marketing head and Mr.. Mynah production and techniques manager and all staffs members of the company that help me without their untiring assistance, direction, encouragement, comments, suggestions, continuous guidance, support, ideas and constructive criticism throughout this internship.

Besides my internship, I really enjoyed my stay in Wriggler Addis textile factory Pl compound and Addis Baby.

It is a great experience and I want to thank everybody for it. Summary Currently I’m learning an MBA in Business Administration at the School of business and economics in Jimmy University. I’m in my 3rd year and therefore I have to conduct a 2 month internship.

I wanted to do my internship in Wriggler Addis textile factory to experience the real business world and to learning, improve and develop new sets of skills, to apply knowledge and theories to practical work situation and develop attitudes conducive to effect interpersonal relations. In this internship report I will describe my experiences during my internship period. The internship report contains an overview of the internship company and the activities, tasks on major departments that I have worked on during my internship.

I also want to practice and improve the different skills I developed during my education such as: Observing an overview of the company Preparing Marketing strategies Making financial activities Production/operation management and human resource 1. 4 methods of data collection In the internship report the strategic plan, the company profile, rules and regulations were reviewed to know about the general overview of the factory.

In addition to this informal interviews (discussions)with employees, professionals technical and operative workers and observations about work ethics, work conditions, organizational culture were the major data collection methods that have been used. 2. The main functional areas of the company that have been observed 2. 1 History and back ground of the organization Adele Abe yarn factory was established in 1961 in Addis Baby and started operations.

The company was incorporated as a private factory by a Greece citizen.

The factory raised its capital and expanded its business. In 1975 the company was nationalized. In 1999,it was given on lease to Turkish investor and added open ended machinery in 2002 and also did some additions in knitting, dying and blanket sections. In 2003, the lease term was terminated and administration was given to Aide Abe yarn share company. N 2009, it was decided to privative and selected Wriggler Sofas Alum among all the bidders and started its operation in November 2010.

The company: Manufacture yarn, blanket and knitted fabrics from cotton, synthetic fibers and filaments. Produce different articles of cloth for personal and house hold use from all kinds’ cotton yarn, cloth and knitted fabrics. Render yarn, fabric and thread bleaching and stone washing services. Sell the above mentioned products locally and abroad. 2. 1.

1 Factory location The factory is located in south of Addis Baby at Dewberries Road ,Neff’s kilowatt sub- city.