A Simple Guidline for Makin an Internship Report

A comprehensive long formal report that should cover: • Introduction of the organization, its structure, working etc. • Exactly what kind of work you did. • What you learned (both positives and negatives).

• What skills you used and any new skills you gained. • What the biggest challenges were: Anything you wish you’d known before you went on your internship and what you might do differently the next time. What you think your fellow students – as well as professionals in the field – should know about the work you did: how effective it is, how it might be improved. • How your internship will influence your future career plans. Report Format The report should have the following format: • One (1) inch margin on all sides of the paper • Double line spacing • Typeface in 12 point Times New Roman Style • Topic Headings 14 point Times New Roman Style • Page numbers at center bottom of the page • Dark Green color for MBA and Navy Blue color for BBA for hard binding with silver monogram and text on outer title.

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Report must include: • Title page • Certificate of Acceptance • Table of contents • Text of report (all sections/chapters should be logically linked) • Reference page • Appendices o Supporting material for completed internship i. e. letter of completion from the organization. o Internee Evaluation Performa filled by the organization o Project activities (if any) Departmental Evaluation Report and comprehensive viva voce Note: Students must submit one copy of rough draft to supervisor in spiral binding for final approval before viva voce