Internship Report Guideline

Every internship report will be unique because every internship experience is highly personal. Nevertheless there are certain elements which must appear in every internship report. Here is a list of the required elements: | Element| Description| Progress| 1.

| Front & Back Cover Design| Title: “Industrial Training Report 2011″The front and back cover design must project your personality, your elective module and the company you were assigned to. | | 2. | First page / page one| This page with have all the necessary details about you i. e. * Your Name: * Person in charge of Internship: (lecturer or person appointed to assess your Internship Report). * Date: * The quarter you took the internship (the name of the company you were assigned to for the internship).

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* A phrase describing your work there (be creative and positive in the statement). | | 3. |Page Two| Table of contents| | 4. | Page Three| Page Three onwards will contain the items (the contents) in the following order: 1. The IntroductionIt must contain a Statement of Purpose stating the type of report (why are you writing it and why you need to write/document it.

2. Copy of the entire Learning Contract(The University Internship Program Form). 3. Copy of the Supervisor’s Evaluation document. 4. Profile of the Company you were attached to for Internship Training.

Description of your work environment: the organizational structure, informal social structure, work group associations, and communication channels. (Support with photos of work environment and colleagues). 5. The Process of Work. * Description of the planning, research, and drafting stages.

* Description of the review, testing and revision stages. Description of the final execution (state the media) 6. Summary of the Internship (8-15 pages), written after you have completed the internship training. In the summary you will have the following: *The tasks you performed as part of your internship training. * Your accomplishments after the training * What were the positive aspects of your experience and were there any negative aspects you like to address? (Description of constraints on the project: time, tools, access to information, access to colleagues’ support).

During your experience at your internship training how did you apply what you have learnt through the 5 semesters at LUCT to real life industry work? * Did your coursework prepare you enough for your internship? * What additional skills do you feel you need to obtain before graduation? * What strengths did you realize you possess and in what areas you need to improve on? * What have you observed and learnt from the culture of the organization you worked for? * What did you learn about yourself? About others? (Style of working, attitude towards work, etc. 7. Documentation on Daily Learning Outcomes: This is a daily log of your learning activities (1/2 page per day on a document layout (table) created by you. In the table you should have at least the following data: * Date * Work description * Development/progress * Learning Outcomes * Personal comments 8. Samples of Work you were responsible for or participated in the work process. You should include enough samples to help assessor to understand the nature of your work and what your contribution was to the organization.

This should be the major part of your report. Any item/exhibit/print/etc from your internship must have the approval for release by your supervisor. 9. Conclusion (this has to be positive and impress upon the assessor that you are ready for the industry/workforce). 10. Book reviews, Bibliographic documentation and Appendix.

| | | NOTE: * Remember to number your pages. * Size of Report:A4 * The draft report must be submitted 2 weeks after your internship completion. * The Internship Report must be presented and submitted latest by week 14 weeks.Be ready for assessment and moderation. * The report must be properly bound (perfect binding) and professionally presented.

* Proper grammar and spelling is expected. Please do proof readings before the final print out and perfect binding. * Any information of a confidential manner may be submitted as a separate document and later destroyed. * Be ready to take time off once a week at the end of the internship (week 11 of the academic calendar) for class discussion and presentation on campus (date to be confirmed)| |