6 Careers

Based on the career cruising evaluation I have been matched up with these 6 careers. The first one is an artist. The second one is an art/music therapist.

The third one is a special effects technician. The fourth one is a computer animator. The fifth one is an agent. The sixth one is an explosive specialist. First, the reason why I want to be an artist is because I feel as though I create some beautiful art.

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I like the idea of being an artist because of the amount of money you can make from just being good at what you do. Nowadays people can just splatter paint onto a canvas and get paid thousands of dollars just for that. It’s actually kind of dumb now that I think of it. Anyways now I’m just going to talk about the job description,earning, education needed, and working conditions. Artists communicate ideas and emotions through visual media.

Inspiration is drawn from the world around them and their own views of world, local, and personal events. Artists earnings are based on popularity, economy, or uniqueness of his or her work. Those who work hourly or for a salary earn between $20,000 and $87,000 a year.There are no required educational qualifications for becoming an artist although some seek more education on art in college. Most artists are self-employed.

They usually work on art between other part-time jobs. They tend to work steadily for week and months, then take a break to discover new creative ideas. Second, the reason why I want to be an agent is because I just think it would be a great job to have based on salary and the people I can work with. Agents work with athletes, models, actors, writers, and many others. They represent their clients in negotiations with any business or organization that might want to hire them.

Most agents earn between $25k and $167k a year. They usually earn between $20k and $35k a year to start off. Usually it’s paid in an hourly wage or salary since new agents don’t have their own clients. Agents usually need at least a bachelor’s degree, and many have an advance business or law degree. Sports agents usually have law degrees since they deal with legal contracts all the time. Many agents work for organizations that employ several agents, who together represent hundreds of clients some set up their own companies and work alone with a small number of clients.

Third, the reason why I want to be an art/music therapist is because I want to help people get through the problems they have in life whatever they may be. Art and music therapists use creative processes to help clients express and deal with physical, emotional, and psychological problems. They treat clients of all ages and backgrounds, either in groups or individually. The income is based on location, type of practice, education, reputation, and job responsibility. All art and music therapists earn around $30k to $75k a year.

Some more experienced ones earn as much as $100k a year. For art therapy you need to take an art class in highschool and college as well as get a masters degree in art therapy. For music therapy it is pretty much the same but with music not art. Most work for clinics, hospitals, and schools. Therapists that work in those places work office hours.

The ones in private practice may have to schedule at their clients’ convenience. Next, the reason why I want to be an explosives specialist is because of just the act of making things explode is pretty cool and being able to do it for the sake of making movies is pretty awesome too. Explosive specialists work in many different fields, but can be broken down into 2 basic categories: those who created explosions and those who prevent explosions. Incomes vary widely among explosive specialists. The ones working in construction or mining earn between $29k and $62k a year.

Some senior explosive specialists can make more than $80k per year. Depending on the employer, a college program in a field related to mining, construction, or civil or environmental engineering, followed by on-the-job experience, may be required. The engineers work at sites such as mines and quarries, but they also sometimes spend time in offices, preparing job proposals, plans, and estimates. They usually have to spend a lot of time on the road, driving to far away blast sites. Another career that I want to go into is computer animation. The job of a computer animator is to bring life to the art that they make or the art other people make by animating it.

They get inspiration about animating or drawing from brainstorming with colleagues or alone. Sometimes the animators even create their own complete storyboards. After this begins animation; animation can be as simple as moving a logo across a screen or complex like making spaceships soar through space. The typical amount of money earned in a year in a range of $30k to $100k a year. The starting salary is between $30k and $45k a year although an experienced computer animator can make between $40k and $100k a year.

Those that have higher positions in large studios can make more than 150k a year. There isn’t really much education needed. The way to get into this field is having a good demo reel containing samples of your best work. Sometimes the schooling can take as little as a year or even 4 whole years; it all depends on the person and the employer. Computer animators work for various film and video game companies. Most computer animators have very flexible schedules.

As long as the the work is done, the amount of hours they work doesn’t matter. Although sometimes evening and weekend may be needed to finish before a deadline. Lastly, the reason why I want to be a special effects technician is because I am reallyinterested in how they make all the awesome costumes and CGI. They create many different illusions used in t.v., movies, and commercials.

Some use makeup, CGI, machines, fire, and explosions. Special Effects Technicians work on a contract basis. They mainly work during the summer although they usually start working months before filming starts. They make $35k to $85k a year. Education requirements vary based on the area of specialization. It’s possible to get a job without post-secondary training although it’s usually best to get some kind of formal education.

Most take a program at a technical school or a 2-year college.Technicians work in various situation depending on the project. CGI techs work in front on computers, whereas makeup, mechanical, and pyrotechnicians work on sets. Film and t.v. productions must be done on certain deadlines and budgets.

Techs working under these tight restrictions can find the job mentally stressful. These are all the careers I am thinking of getting into. Many of them are technology oriented because I’m into computers. The reason why I want to be a therapist is because I want to help people overcome their problems. I chose jobs in the medical field because my mom also works in the medical field.

This is why I want to work in those careers.