It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop

For years and years my biggest passion in life has been music. There’s just something about music that always calms me down and finds me some sort of serenity.

I’m well aware that I’m not the only one who thinks this, but that’s the beauty of it. Literally anyone can find beauty or preference in music, no matter what genre. My particular favorite genres of music are hip-hop and dubstep/house. A lot of people say that dubstep and all that type of music is just a bunch of noise and that it all sounds the same, but they just sound ignorant and should actually try listening to the music and the idea behind it. I mean of course everyone has different tastes and opinions of music, but in my opinion, if you really love music then you learn to appreciate, accept, and respect all different artists and genres of music. For instance, I am not a big listener of Justin Bieber’s music, however, I completely respect him as a successful, talented young artist in music today.

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Just like how one doesn’t have to like a person to show them respect, one doesn’t have to like the music to acknowledge it and respect its influence on the music industry itself. Music is truly something special. Name something else in life that can completely calm someone down or that can single-handedly alter someone’s mood for that moment or even the rest of that day. Music is magical in that sense. Even the most crazy, intense arguments I’ve encountered with my parents, were remedied with us getting away from each other and me listening to my music. The way you connect to music is really incomparable to anything else.

Everyone can vibe with and enjoy music; some just enjoy different types of music more than others. I mean have you ever met someone who just did not like music whatsoever? That’s because every person in the world can relate or connect with some kind of music, it’s simply inevitable. The diversity in music is incredibly indescribable. There are literally thousands and thousands of different types of music, and all of it is unique in its own way. Of course, music within a certain genre is going to sound similar, but none of it is exactly the same.

Nothing is identical and the possibilities and options you can experiment with are endless. There’s a reason musicians are called artists; music is art. If the music is powerful enough, a single artist can orchestrate an album, create a revolution, and make the whole world want to listen. That’s why I truly envy musicians. They have this power to create things that bring so much joy to the world. Also, musicians are limitless in what they do.

No one can tell them no (with the exception of certain labels), no one can say that they can’t put something in their music because it’s their music. Maybe it’s the freedom that’s the beauty of music, but there’s no telling, only listening.