Sharp Notes, Bold Quotes, and Crescendos.

Music in this generation varies among many different kinds of genres. Genres are the types of music that music is divided into. I believe that music isn’t music if it has a genre. The music that I listen to is depicted as just screaming.

I don’t just listen to this kind of music. I listen to a large variety of music. Many people listen to the kind of music I listen to. We listen to this music because of the power behind it. I’ve found that when I listen to a song that has screaming, I don’t like it the first time I hear it. After I listen to a certain song a lot, I start to understand the lyrics.

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I’ll see the meaning of the song. I’ll eventually love the song. This type of music doesn’t always have to do with anger. It seems as if the people screaming these songs are angry, but a majority of the time it’s not even close to that. This metal and screaming can be mixed into almost any genre of music making genres seem like a mood rather than a whole type of music.

My music consists of sharp notes, bold quotes, and crescendos. This makes the music so different. I play this kind of music extremely loud. When I do this, elderly people always get mad at me and tell me to turn it down. I never got how they have such bad hearing, but they hear my music perfectly. I rarely see someone listening to the same music as his or her parents.

Most of the kids I know feel that their parent’s music is slow and boring. I always wonder what my kids will think of my music when I’m older. I wonder what kind of music they will be listening to. They might be disgusted by the screaming in my music. I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

The youth of the nation’s music varies among many different sounds. Everyone has different tastes in music. It just depends on what kind of person someone may be. People should never categorize someone because of their music. I listen to every kind of music.

Everyone should keep an open mind about all of the music among us.