A Brief Reflection on the Critical International Relations Theory

Today’s society and its development depend on the major advancements that are imposed by several thinkers and change makers within the human community. Practically, the continuous flow of information at present could not be denied to have a proper bearing on the fact that people today are assisted to become the right individuals that they deserve to be and get the best out of the societies that they are living in.

as a result of this want, several theorists have had to formulate a process that could assist human individuals in becoming possibly the best that they could be as they deal with the need to complete their roles as they handle their responsibilities to the people who are related to them, to the society and to themselves. This is the reason why the development of the studies that are included within the researches handled through the assistance of the understanding bestowed on the Critical International Relations Theory have been constantly pursued by the enthusiasts of the said process for the sake of modern advancement and continuous progress towards future success. Undeniably, with the many studies included within this set of theories, the Marxist and Postculturalist view are among the most popular understandings that imply the explanation as to how and why matters happen in the human society at present. In this presentation, understanding how both Marxist and the Postculturalism idealism on human life and development actually affect the said process of human living. Considerably, there are those that are practically engulfed within the suggestions that the Marxist view insists with regards the fact that materialism and its measure is essential especially when measuring the human progress is concerned. On the other hand, Postculturalism ideals suggest more of a contented life that is focused on authority and the process by whic it is implied to control human living and the matters that subject individuals into making decisions that are most often than not affected or influenced by the environment that they are living in.

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A first look at the idealisms of Marxism naturally suggests that thought on having the need to follow the chain of both suppression and persuasion that material things have on individuals simply wanting to realize their dreams and their deep understanding of what success is all about. According to Marx, it is through the human’s quest for wealth and material prosperity that he is pushed to do more than just what he already has, to progress more to be able to gain more. This is the practical reason why somehow, Marx suggests that the current development in the international connections that exist between nations around the globe is practically fueled by the economic desires of nations. Practically, through the exchange of goods for monetary assets countries today are able to fund the developments that they need to incur for their own nations. Undeniably, it is through this that they are able to finance the different projects that they think would mean much for the development of their lives as part of one prosperous nation.

In connection with Marxism though, Postculturalism suggests that somehow, the existence of human relations depend on the cultural understanding of one towards that of the other’s. Considerably, it could then be noted that somehow, Postculturalism tries to put about both the observations and the studies created that are likely made to make certain appeal to the public as to how they view their situation as part of the development that is existing within the community that they are living in and the environment that they are trying to coincide within. Most likely, these two idealism on social connections that exist in the grounds of international managemeent between nations also bring forth the possibility of recognition that is needed to be focused on the IR normative theories. These normative considerations of theories make a definite implicative understanding that insists on the possibility of making mandate on the extensive relations that exist between countries at present that is depicted with the possible willingness of each nation to get along with the others for one particular goal. Such goal could be defined as that of the thought of environmentalism. The Marxist and the postculturalist vision of idealism on national connection are practically separated with that of the normative theories of connection as this theory gives birth to goals of environmentalism that makes a considerable effect on how people see each other as well as that of how they practically consider their roles in the development of procedures that are able to save the earth from the devastations that it is undergoing at present.

The basic thought on Marxism suggests that use of material gains and the goals that human individuals have towards obtaining the said material wealth pushes the development of international connections further through the practical application of international commercialism and capitalism. While on the other hand, Postculturalism suggests that the human connection existing between individual at present is resulted from the innate need of humans to recreate with others and establish a connection to those others who are not with them. With this idea, it could be sensed that people are connected for the different reasons that are essential for human survival. Yes, whether or not one believes, both the Marxist and the Postculturalist way of thinking govern the current realization of humans towards the right kind of disposition that humans have towards the role that they play in the development of global connections that human individuals deal with at present.