Short Critical Reflection Paper

Education system has declined significantly in almost every part of the world but most preferably in the United States. Despite of this, people are continually ignoring the causes of the decline.

It has been noted with great concern that the present students are no longer embracing the education system which was designed to be taught in schools. They have not only changed in the education sector but have also changed in their clothing style, body embellishment and styles. There has been a tremendous discontinuity from the previous generation to the present which has been brought about by the new technology. Considering the aforesaid explanation one may not be wrong saying that the present generation has been carried away by the new technology which mainly involves entertainment and thus have little or no concern on education. The author says that, present students mostly those in college are spending most of their lives being surrounded by the new technology devices and gadgets and spends the least time in their lives reading. As the technology continues to advance, everyone and most probably the Digital Natives are at the verge of getting acquitted with the necessary knowledge and skills of using the digital tools.

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This is because even at the work places, the new technology is being used and therefore becomes obligatory for each employee to be well armored with the required knowledge. Since each and every activity will be carried out online, this will expose them to cybercrimes which will compromise them to personal safety. They are therefore a need to protect business sectors to avoid collapse or their closure. Some of the major cybercrimes that may compromise the ongoing concern of the business will entail an assault by threat. This involves intimidating a person by sending to him or her threat messages by use of email or through phones.

Other cybercrimes comprise downloading pornographic materials from the interne. Cyber contraband will also be attributed to be a cybercrime since one is able to transmit illegal items from the internet even when the materials have been encrypted. In safeguarding or preventing further increase of the cybercrimes the computer network should be installed with a firewall. This will hinder flow of any information into the network without first being authorized. Installing an anti -virus software into the net work system will protect the computer from being attacked by harmful programs that might damage the computer. A computer may also be installed with an Intrusion Detection System supplements the firewall as it is able to designate an attack which comes from the internal source.

Installing Computer password would be another measure in safeguarding the computer. This will bar or restrict any entry to the computers without authorization. MIT, university being a prestigious university has an online website that is aimed at increasing the knowledge of young people in schools. They carry out this function by consolidating the pertinent issues affecting the minority age or the information age. Discussions are held and they are aimed at facilitating progress in individual research and in turn encourage the participating group to have an exposure to the displinary issues required by the kind of work they offer or provide in the University.

The online website therefore permits students and other learners from most part of the world to distribute their own interactive media. The projects presented by the students’ ranges from video games to the vivacious stories which are attributed to science simulations and political spoof and uploaded to the website.