Short Critical Reflection Paper

Google is a search engine that is mostly used in modern times to find information. It has become the easiest and probably the most efficient way of looking for information.

It has however been condemned by many who feel that it provides more than enough which may be deceptive. It has made people to be lazy especially in visiting libraries and purchasing books. Apart from those, Google has indeed provided solutions to many questions and made research work easier and efficient. It exposes the researcher to a variety of information where they will choose which is the most appropriate (Duthel, 2008). Compared to the ancient library research where one had to move from place to place and flipping pages only to find that what was required is not inside. It was basically a waste of time, energy and resources.

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Social networks allow people to connect for a variety of reasons in a digital environment. You might join Linkedin to meet business contacts, MySpace to find a band member, or Facebook to see pictures of old friends and meet new ones. Whatever evironment you decide to be a part of, posting information about you has become an issue of concern.

What are those concerns? I mean what is the big deal about privacy?Social networks have become an easier way through which people connect and establish relationships. Most of the modern social networks give people an opportunity to display their information and even post their photos; this has made socialization easier as one is likely to find their perfect business or social match. The issue of privacy is however wanting considering the fact that some of this networks allow strangers to go through other people’s information without notice. It has become difficult to maintain secrets and personal details due to how fast the information is likely to spread. In their efforts to market their sites, social networks have exposed many peoples details to other people.

There is also the issue of how real the information displayed is. A person is free to write about himself or herself which may not necessarily be true. This has hence landed some people intto trouble of networking with the wrong person due to wrong information displayed. The founder of Wikipedia has a noble mission – to share all of the world’s information with everyone everywhere, anytime. In what ways has this mission been successful? In what ways has it not been successful?Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia where access information about almost every subject. The encyclopedia is open in a sense that anybody can post their views, edit written information as well as access it when needed.

Most people as a source of information have preferred it because it is free. It is however not a reliable means of getting information as there is no telling of where the information has come from. There are number of people that express their personal ideas, which may be contrary to the truth. Its success is on the fact that it has allowed people to express their views as well as exercise their skills. On the other hand, it is not a reliable source of information as it is subject to unaccounted changes in form of improvements.