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Social, Economic and Political Issues Our world is today faced with political, social, economic and even environmental issues which impact on people’s lives. Family struggles make one of the major issues faced in the society today. Such struggles begin with gender inequality and the need to have freedom.

Increased poverty levels have also made such struggles complex thereby making life unbearable. Basically, family struggles can arise from very many things such as cultural influences, inequality and due to poverty. Another issues is work and role overload in terms of income and inequality. This has become a serious issue hindering global development and realization of economic goals. Income inequality is faced in all forms of economies.

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This issue should be addressed if global development can be achieved and also reduce poverty. Inequality in terms of income and poverty makes people’s lives unbearable and also lowers the level of economic development. These issues are very significant because they either encourage or discourage the responsiveness of economic growth. The issues have also been a major challenge to modern governments in order to achieve economic development. The other socio-economic issues faced in our societies include the effect of globalization on poverty and Consumerism and the “throwaway” culture McDonaldization of Healthcare.

Healthcare, for instance, is something that means a lot to the global population. That being the case, the McDonaldization of healthcare has remained a major issue towards global development. The approach has been hindered by ongoing economic crisis thus calling the UN to take necessary precautions to help people in the undeveloped world. The effect of globalization on poverty is also another issue presented by modern political and economic ideologies. There has been the need to encourage globalization as one of the best approaches to tackle poverty in our modern world. Basically, all these issues should be studied ad analyzed if our world is to become developed and make every individual comfortable with life.

Impacts of these Issues on my Personal Life as a StudentCurrently I am a student pursuing a career in Nursing. That being the case, it is notable that the above mentioned four issues will definitely impact on my life as a student in such a profession. To begin with, family struggles will definitely affect my studies. For example, if my parents are at disagreement, then definitely I will not be in a position of studying in school and achieving my dreams. This will therefore affect my entire learning process.

The other important issue is to do with income inequality. Our modern life is determined by the income we earn. Without income one will be forced to do something different in order to get some income to sustain his/her life. As a student, inequality in income will affect my studies because my parents might not be able to raise the required amount for school fees. Every person should realize that the above issues will directly (or indirectly) impact on his life whether as a parent, a tutor, or as a student. The other issues include globalization and McDonaldization of healthcare.

Every person’s life is defined by the quality of health and care given. Globalization means integration of the universe into a small community (Ritzer, 2010). This will therefore improve chances of succeeding in life and also making access to major materials and medicine very easy. As a nursing student, globalization can offer new chances for me to explore new markets and by so doing get a well-paying job from different parts of the world. On the other hand, globalization can result in the exploitation of the poor nations thus making their lives unbearable and poor.

McDonaldization of healthcare will also improve people’s lives because health services will be provided to them and at the same time make sure the best practices have been put in use. From the above analysis, it is notable that these issues will definittely have direct or indirect impacts on my personal life. Such impacts might either be two-sided depending on how they are applied in our modern world. Globalization and McDonaldization of Healthcare Globalization is the penetration and integration of the global market into one for exchange of ideas and also carries out trade operations. On the other hand, McDonaldization is a franchising process whereby a given practice or service is supplied in other societies by employing new companies or firms to work under license from the mother company. This is a term coined from Mcdonalds‘ business idea of franchising its fast food stores.The prevalence or absence of these issues will definitely increase or reduce chances of having better healthcare services. That being the case, globalization and McDonaldization of healthcare will definitely affect those people who have unsustainable or poor sources of income. Many people in the developing world have suffered a lot from these two issues (Ritzer, 2010). As well, any other person can be affected by these issues depending on how they have been applied from a global point of view. That being the case, there is a very big need of changing the situation and make sure everyone has been treated right and offered with the right healthcare.

This would therefore be the work or duty of major global economies and the United Nations in order to make sure every individual has access to better healthcare. Because of that, I have been encouraged by the existing situation to seek out opportunities that encourage personalized care as well as opportunities so that I can be in a position of helping those who appear to suffer due to poverty that has originated from globalization. This is because the developed nations have been parasitic on the developing ones thus making their lives unbearable. The future can only be better when the governing policies in globalization and McDonaldization have been changed to cater for the needs of all mankind.