Reflection Paper: 1 Credit Study Skills Course

Name: Course: College: Tutor: Date: Reflection Paper: 1 Credit Study Skills Course I hereby wish to document my reflective ideas as related to my study skill course outcomes on 1 credit. In order to derive the best supportive approach in bettering my individual study skills, I choose Prof.

Shirley, who shared an immense body of skills deemed imperative particularly prior or during exam period. It’s worth reckoning that the entire session was of great importance to my study and exam preparation skills.During session, there were fundamental skills useful when handling multiple choice questions, completing typical essays and when prioritizing of exam questions. After attending this study skill session, I found the entire moment enjoyable and very informative on all issues related to my future exam preparedness. Obviously, the ability to plan and contain negative anxiety during exam preparation was itemized as first priority during my session with Prof.

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Shirley.As learnt from the session, organization skills are seemingly vital in presenting multiple choice questions. In the past, my poor performance encounters has been mainly linked to lack of technical skills when delivering multiple choice answers. The weight lies on Prof. Shirley’s suggestion on use of reasoning or logic prior to choosing any answer.

I did find this concept very timely to my case, particularly when handling abstract concepts that requires thorough wording check and key terms identification before settling for the most appropriate option.Additionally, as suggested by the professor when answering multiple choice questions it would be very useful to identify and circle all key terms in the question, and read carefully through the question to avoid answering the questions wrongly. Reading the questions carefully allows one to avert unnecessary or careless mistakes when selecting the sought-after answer(s). When completing essay format questions, reading carefully the entire uestion and identifying by way of circling the key terms is of great importance so as to avoid topic misconception. From the session, I learnt that anxiety especially a moment before making it to the exam room can be very destructive.

Anxiety levels makes possible answers appear confusing and the questions difficult to comprehend. From another perspective, time management skills are very crucial when preparing for any exam. As an individual I ought to spend enough time with relevant readings in order to avoid stress associated with last time rush.Time spent familiarizing with past exams and class notes appear very vital in building needed motivation to excellently handle any exam. My session with Prof.

Shirley was very useful as I derived the best techniques or approaches for handling anxiety. First, when feeling anxious the best resort is to employ positive self talk in containing exam nerves. Positive self talk allows an individual to gather confidence and mental strength needed in handling technical questions.Secondly, I learnt how to contain anxiety by using deep breath, in relaxing the mind prior to answering questions. Deep breath is vital in making it possible to complete questions where I may be somewhat unsure of the exact answer.

In addition, making a plan and practicing prior to the exam remains indispensible in enabling an individual positive attitude towards the entire exam, rather having fatalistic attitude that heightens the tension.Adequate practicing may allow me to seek help on areas that I find difficult on the covered subject topics. It is equally essential to have right physiological set up by eating well, resting adequately and arriving considerably early to exam room. In order to sufficiently answer all questions, web search may be very instrumental in helping me gather additional materials. Finally, rephrasing any technical terms or key concepts can help me fully comprehend the questions, and thus surface only relevant ideas to the examiner.