Reflection Paper

The term writing is a clear and understandable representation of language in form of a text. This involves the use of varied skills and expertise that exemplifies eloquence of grammar and configuration of sentence structures. Writing can be traced back to the time of ancient Romans who embraced it before there was even a manufacture of books that are in use today.

What bring out any piece of writing are the signs and symbols. These are features that form part of the writing system. Writing is distinguished from illustrations by the fact that illustrations do not make use of the textual media. It uses features as paintings and carvings that are also used to transmit information from one person or place to another.Writing is an activity that has actually shaped my life right from the time I began it at a younger age.

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Through it, I have been able to develop every skill that is at peace with the representation of information in the form of text. It has extended my own language cross time and space. It is one of the activities that are pound to improve with time. For instance, I can personally attest to a fact that my writing has undergone transformation over this semester. This is mainly because of the kind of writing works that has taken place over the past few months. It is with time and space that language develops in an individual.

Writing as a categoryThere is a variance of styles and methodologies that have seen my writing develop with time. First and foremost, there is a huge improvement in my writing category. Writing particularly refers to two things: writing as a name or a noun representing the writing that is written, and writing as a verb which actually exemplifies writing as an activity. I have been able to differentiate between the two categories of writing. I have been able to develop sentences from a combination of words.

The words are as a result of the inscription of characters on a medium. In my previous writing, I had actually not developed this ability as portrayed by the kind of writing that I used to yield. Putting words together is actually not the only thing in writing.There is also the activity of demonstrating clear and understandable information. This is the content that makes up any piece of writing. I have realized that before coming up with any writing or even the intention to write, there has too been a development of the message to be passed across in the piece of writing.

It is from this perspective of development that I have been able to write several speeches to the ministry of youth and gender. The speeches have been rated to be exceptional among other pieces of these writings. They have been talked of as clearly portraying the message that had been intended by the speaker of the meeting. Moreover, my writing style has been liked by my fellow students and they thereby encourage me to assist them in writing of their term papers and dissertations.Rules and regulations in writingThere are rules and regulations that govern writing. Skills are therefore of great necessity for one to be able to progress from one level to another.

These laws are the likes of those which govern poetry and public speaking. They both involve writing but are differentiated by their rules. These are some of the issues that actually brought a lot of difference in my writing. By the end of the semester, I was able to differentiate in writing between a poem and a speech. Moreover, I was able to compose a poem and write a speech. I was also able to realize that every piece of writing has regulations that if they are not followed at the process of writing the piece of work, the kind of writing will be referred as out of the topic or lacking the necessary context.

Apart from the rules that one has to adhere to at the process of writing, the write has to have a mastery of grammar. This is actually the essence of any piece of writing. Without a good endowment of grammar, the nature of the piece of writing will be low and will therefore fail to meet the standards of any other piece of writing. Over the past months, I have been able to develop my skill in writing as concerns the correct and eloquent use of grammar. In all of my writing, there is a progress in the way I eradicated the problem m of grammar mistakes. This is actually the main danger that can totally ruin the nature and the message that was in the piece of writing.

Wordiness is another aspect in writing that is detrimental to the quality of the piece of writing. This is a problem I have been able to correct over time. The only way that I used to manage this problem is by reading what I intent to write, in a loud way. Sometimes, I have been forced to read what I have written in a loud manner that it sounds funny to other people. Some would even conclude that I have run out of my mind, but this is the skill that has helped me to be clear and precise to the point in any piece of writing. This helped me to eradicate any unaccepted words that mostly are repetitive in nature.

For my writing to be liked by the audience, I have had to decide in my mind and write what I am actually writing to the audience. I have been forced to avoid a lot of jargon that acts to be a hindrance from the reader’s abilities to reach to the intended message in any piece of writing that I have done.In conclusion, I have had to stick to the writing etiquette that has enabled me to write perfect and appealing pieces of writings. These include adherence to the laws and regulations that govern writing. Moreover, I have had to take a personal responsibility of being conversant with the necessary skill of writing especially grammar and other characteristics that involve writing.