Human Trafficking Free Essay Example

In the United States there is a huge problem in human trafficking with women and children alike. And the is no awareness to any great amount. Even as recent as May 20th of this year, an article states that a couple in Florida, Michigan was sentenced with lengthy prison terms for brutally keeping an underaged sex slave and it was their relative.

As seen, human trafficking can happen so easily and even near you. We should take a stand and help others be aware of it. Children and women all across America are trafficked, which is when a person steals another person against their will, by any means necessary.Today it is considered modern day slavery. For example, people are being sold, children and women are being forced to have sex for money, while others receive profit. The slaves are kept in cages like animals and it is horrible.

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Assuredly, you might be asking “okay, what now?”. Well, we take a stand. This is wrong, could you imagine your daughter, niece, little cousin or neighbor getting taken? Then the severity of this might hit home to someone. We must bring, but success doesn’t just happen in a moment. We can bring awareness slowly until it cannot be ignored. Some people may say it is the girls own fault or that it is a small problem, but it is actually on the contrary.

Girls are tricked and are especially at such a young to wrong things. For example, if a kidnapper were to say they have candy in their car to a child, it is the same concept. While people say it is a small problem, they are wrong. In the U.S, hundreds of thousands of children and women are trafficked a year according to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center.

In San Diego, California a couple was charged with human trafficking. They forced a girl to clean and cook, take care of the couple’s three children, and they forced her to have sex with the male of the couple and other men for money. They abused her on many accounts and as shown, this could be happening right next door without being noticed. As easy as this could happen, the same could be with someone near, your own neighbor maybe. Awareness from you is what is needed.

So you as a citizen of the United States should take a stand against this. We are a free people and this absurdity is not to be taken lightly. This right is not to be taken away. So anyone who is to take a stand, there are many ways you can help. A person should foremost be aware which is the goal, help organizations in any way that help to fight this tragedy, and spread word in your own way.