Essay on Human Trafficking Narrative Essay

The year was 1865 when slavery was abolished in the United States, but would you believe me if I told you that slavery still exist to this day? Many people would disagree, but in reality it’s true. However, it’s a different form of slavery. Back then, African American people were slaves simply because of the color of their skin. Nowadays, what is being called our “modern day slavery” is human trafficking. Slavery takes away peoples human rights and with human trafficking that’s exactly what happens. Human trafficking is a trade of a person.

It starts by women (young women) are being lured in by men who are promising them things that are not going to happen. They seduce them, drug them, and beat them until the victim is defenseless. Many of the “slaves” are women and young girls. The young girls are only children between the ages of 10 and 12, who have yet reached the state of puberty. (Claire). These women go through a series of training to make them ready for the next level, which is prostitution.

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In this so called “training” process these girls are beaten, raped, and taught how to please the customers. (Claire). It’s sad to know that this situation goes over looked and unaware of. These women tricked into thinking that they are going to work to provide for their families but instead being “sold” and “bought” by these men. I have been taught as a young lady that your body is your temple and you should respect it.

I was taught that your “innocence” is also a serious thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly. What a female has is something so powerful and should not be taken away from her. These little girls give their innocence away without even having the option to say no. Why isn’t this topic discussed more and well known? Where is human trafficking common at? Its common in our foreign countries such as India. However, it is a major problem in the Tampa Bay area which is right here in our own United States. Why isn’t this being talked about on the news or anything so these women can get help but instead its going unknown.

Women in Florida who are “prostitutes” talk about the life they live and the danger they live in. A young lady by the name of Sue (which is not her real name) shares her story with some news reporters. When she was 13 she ran away from her foster parents and ended up on the streets. She met a man who was 40 years old who told her he would give her a place to stay, free rent but she would have to work. Thinking that it wasn’t a big deal and she needed somewhere to stay, she took him up on his offer. “Sue” says things began to change.

He was beating her with sticks, poles, hammers. “Not only was I fighting the streets, I was fighting this non-human” she says. There were several other women at this house with her. Fortunately she was able to escape and has been hiding for 2 years now. It’s sad that she can’t live a normal life because someone might find her.

(Schwartz “Human Trafficking”) You see in the story above that a woman who can’t even tell us her real name was lucky enough to get away. Unfortunately for a lot of other women, they have not been as lucky as her. Human trafficking needs to be talked about more. So many mothers, daughters, nieces, and aunts are being held against their will by these vicious men. Let me ask a question, if it was your mom or sister that was being treated like this and her life was in danger wouldn’t you try to find help? Well lets help others find their loved ones.