A Broken Break

The dictionary definition of a break, “a brief rest, as from work”. At my school, spring break is about to begin, that “brief rest” from all the schoolwork I have done.

If only that were the case. In reality, spring break, and all school breaks in general, have become an excuse for teachers to assign us more homework. Over this one week break alone, I have already been assigned two essays and a four page math packet, with more to come tomorrow. Now, many of you may blame me for procrastinating, but before you begin to point fingers, listen to the full story. Ideally, the week before spring break should be a time where students are buzzing with excitement, ready to hang out with friends, sleep, and just relax for an entire week. Instead, it is a stress-filled, jam-packed week.

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The reason is that teachers leave all the tests, quizzes, and due dates for the last week before break. In some ways, this is understandable, it is a means to teach us as much as possible before break; but instead it just leads to two things, stress and, more importantly, an inability to work ahead. Although it’s true that one of the two essays was assigned two weeks ago, another truth is the fact that, in the same class, I had another four page essay to complete. On top of my other homework and studying for tests in nearly every one of my eight classes, it is almost impossible to expect me to work ahead for the break. Therefore, it ends up being finished in during the week I’m supposed to enjoy myself. Another issue I have with this is the “double standard” of the situation.

Teachers seem to think that because we have a break, we have an entire free week to do homework. However, the nature of a break is to unravel. No one expects a doctor to treat patients while on vacation. In fact, in most of the working world, no one expects anyone to work while on vacation, simply for the fact that it is a vacation. Therefore, the same logic should be applied to students. All of this leads to the reason I’m writing this when I still have other work to complete.

The main reason is to be heard, and let other students be heard. A break is given so that we can recuperate our energy that is lost during school, and we should be able to do just that. Don’t get me wrong, I like my teachers and school. In fact, if I get assigned a million math problems, a thousand reading assignments, and a hundred essays over the school year, I believe that’s the right of my teachers. Is it correct to give us that much work? Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s during the school year, the time when I’m supposed to be busy.

However, I, and many other students, would appreciate being to enjoy our breaks, homework free.