Do it Before Break

Students think of winter break as a time to relax, hang out with friends, enjoy their family time, and be away from school. Most students don’t think of winter break as a time to study for finals. With Arrowhead’s current finals schedule they are on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of January. Since the material for the current semester would be fresh in students’ minds before winter break, the finals should be taken before break.

This would help reduce the stress over break, when students should be relaxing. Moving finals would also help the students perform better on the final since the material is fresh. This would also benefit the school, because the student’s GPAs would go up, which would make the school look better. Since a majority of students don’t have private tutors, or the luxury of having a face-to-face session with a teacher over break, it’s best for the students to be able to do all of that before break. This would reduce the struggling that would occur if finals would happen before break. In addition, many students are caught up in the fun of being on winter break and often don’t get around to studying for finals.

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This tends to lead towards poor scores on their finals. If finals were before break, there’s a better chance the students would do better since they’re still in the mind-set of school, and can take advantage of asking their teachers for help. This would also benefit both the teachers and the students, because they don’t have repeated any information when break is over. Instead they can start a new semester after break without worrying about forgetting a lesson or some material. Finals should be moved to before winter break.