How Does Stress Make Students Struggle?

What’s stress? Stress is something you can’t touch or see, but you can definitely feel it. Stress can be caused by many things like homework, projects, essays, and finals etc.

Sometimes stress isn’t caused by school it could also be stress from home. In Stress can really get on your nerves, the author says that “Stress is reacting to things that are new, scary, or different” What the author is trying to say is that trying something new could be a stressful thing, but you can’t really do anything about it. How does it affect students? It affects them from their concentrations and it could make them go mad crazy sometimes. Giving them mountains of paper work is already enough for students who have to wake up early in the morning just going to school. It could also lead students to have mental breakdowns and pass out. Stress isn’t just a bad thing.

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Some students find stress to be very joy riding to be stressed out to their maximum point, which is pretty crazy in my opinion. How do we relieve that stress from students? There’s a lot of ways to counter stress from hitting students, but once it hits it’s going to take a while for it to cool off on the student. Teachers could give fewer assignments to students and not give them a mental break down it’ll be all good. So in conclusion I think that stress is a good and bad thing for students. Students who are stressed out should try to enjoy the rush or have a relaxing time with it.

Students should also not be stressed about failing. They should be able to go to school knowing that they’ll have to face something great and try to take it all in and have fun with it.