Students managing Stress

Students, you tend to overload your schedule with hard classes, after school activities, jobs, hanging with friends, and late nights doing homework. This has caused your lives to be ubiquitous. After a week or so of school, you’re fretful over everything you have to do and are ready to pull your hair out.

Stress of having a full schedule of responsibilities, you are more susceptible to getting sick and causing your body excruciating pain. To help your stress first start of by finding a remote place where you can lie down, close your eyes and relax. When I am feeling stressed I do this. I think about other things than what I have to accomplish. This helps loosen up my tense muscles. After 5 or 10 minutes I am refreshed and ready to do homework, after school activities, whatever is going on that day.

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You can’t go a full day of responsibilities without having respite. Without this, you are 20% more likely to have a meltdown. In between homework, your job, etc. listen to your ipod for 5 minutes or read a chapter in a book you’re reading. By doing this you reduce the chances of reverberating a constant headache from your stressful schedule. Once you do this a few times you will succumb to doing it every day to make you feel more relaxed and not stressful.

If you don’t take breaks and relax throughout your day, it could cause a malignant effect on your body 30 years from now. I’m an advocate on thwarting you not to overload your schedule. You need to make some time for yourself. You may think of me as a harbinger by telling you to do this, but you will appreciate it in the end. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps you out knowing how to reduce your stress.