Benifits to Year Round School

I think that a year-round schooling system would be an excellent idea for many different reasons. A year- round schooling system would help not only students but staff also.

YRS is a great idea. First of all, a year- round school schedule helps students academically because students suffer major a learning loss in a traditional school schedule. During the long 3-4 month summer break, the majority of students don’t do things school related such as reading, writing and math. They spend most their time on social media, watching television, or even sleeping. In a year- round schedule, students have a little summer break in which reduces summer learning loss over the summer.

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Secondly, a year- round school system would reduce teachers stress. Since there are short, systematic breaks every now and then, teachers get time off and away from the students. They also get to relax and do things that they want to do and enjoy their time off. Also, students get time off from the teacher and when they come back they are ready to learn. It helps teachers because with little to no summer learning loss, teachers don’t have to do much re-teaching on what the students learned the previous year of school; and can focus on other projects. Most students appose to a year-round schedule because they think that year-round means that students go to school for a longer time but they really don’t.

A year-round schedule consists of a short 2 week break, every 9 weeks. The original breaks such as: Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring would still remain the same amount of days. All in all, a year- round schedule would be an awesome idea. It is very beneficial to students and teachers. Students may not like the idea at first but once it starts going they will be sure to love it and all the breaks that occur with this schedule.