The Credibility of Lspu-Spcc and Lpu- Calamba in Offering the Hrm Course and Its Effect to the 4th Year High School Students of Liceo de San Pablo Ay 2011-2012

THE CREDIBILITY OF SCHOOLS OFFERING HRM COURSE IN SAN PABLO CITY, LAGUNA AND IT’S EFFECT ON THE PREFFERENCE OF 4TH YEAR HIGHSCHOOL STUDENTS OF LICEO DE SAN PABLO _________________________________________ A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the College of Hospitality, Management and Tourism Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus San Pablo City _________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management By Rey Melvin S. Ramos December 2010Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND IT’S BACKGROUND Introduction “Competition tends to force everyone to get better. ” -Barbara Holland In an increasingly competitive employment arena, Filipinos must prepare for and secure strong, definite jobs which lead them to long-term realistic career options and opportunities.

It is not beyond our knowledge that Hotel and Restaurant Management is one of the most taken curriculums nowadays. As a matter of fact, it covers 38% of the most enrolled college course next to Nursing and Education as stated in Academic-clinic. om administered by Cedric Lenoue. Hospitality industry is indeed a flexible and wide range area of knowledge; it has a lot to offer, encompassing the food and travel industry. One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy of our time is the hospitality industry.

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The hospitality industry alone is a multi-billion dollar and growing enterprise. It is exciting, never boring and offers unlimited opportunities. The hospitality industry is diverse enough for people to work in different areas of interest and still be employed within the hospitality industry.Think about this: It makes sense to prepare for a job in which you have numerous opportunities for advancement, because it is an economic advantage for you in the long run. Hospitality management involves the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of human and material resources within the lodging, restaurant, travel and tourism, institutional management, recreational management and meeting and convention planning industries.

All of these separate yet related segments of the hospitality industry are interrelated to deliver kind and generous services to guests.T he present hospitality industry is extraordinarily healthy and viable and as a result offers excellent opportunities for Filipinos in each of the segments; restaurant management, lodging management, recreational management, travel and tourism, meeting and convention planning and institutional management. It is the reason why this course will be soon at the top and become the most prestigious for anyone could not resist the temptation to enroll in this field. In 1912, the Seminario Menor de San Francisco de Sales, consisting of a two-storey building was constructed adjacent to the Cathedral.After some years, however, it was closed and transferred to Lipa.

Before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Seminary building and its premises were donated to the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) for conversion into a tertiary educational institution. This was during the term of Bishop Afredo Versoza of the Diocese of Lipa, which included the province of Laguna, and the city of San Pablo. In 1947, the Jesuit Fathers converted the former Seminary, which was partially damaged by the Japanese forces, into a secondary school. It was named ATENEO DE SAN PABLO. Later on, however, the Jesuits unilaterally decided to close the school.Negotiations for the turnover were carried out between the Jesuits and the newly created Diocese of San Pablo under its first bishop, Monsignor Pedro Natividad Bantigue, D.

D. And in the year 1978, the Supreme Ecclesiastical Tribunal in the Vatican City (Rome) finally decided the fate of the school in favor of the Diocese of San Pablo. The former Ateneo de San Pablo is now the LICEO DE SAN PABLO. The Liceo de San Pablo began its operation during the school year 1978-1979. From then on, it maintained its identity as exclusive catholic learning institution for young boys.

Under its present bishop, Monsignor Francisco Capiral San Diego, D. D. , the school has undergone significant changes: administrative, faculty-composition, curricula and physical/facilities expansion. In response to the call and challenges of the time, construction and renovation started in school year 1996-1997. The first phase of renovation gave emphasis to the ceiling, electrical wiring and paintings. The second phase of renovation focused on the re-construction of the offices of the principal, cashier, academic affairs, guidance and the DCSS Auditor.

The faculty room and the drainage systems were repaired, too. The Grade School building was also constructed behind the school’s gymnasium, which marked the seperation of the High School and Grade School buildings. Starting school year 1998-1999, after celebrating its 20th foundation anniversary, the school welcomed into its fold 132 female students (100 in first year and 32 in second years). In this significant step, the school fulfilled its major task of sharing equal academic and religious opportunities and advancement to the youth regardless of gender.The Liceo de San Pablo is now a school for boys and girls in the grade school and high school departments.

Background of the Study Tourism industry is indeed one of the fastest growing sectors of the industry nowadays. But together with its immense growth, lot of Colleges and universities around the country tries to offer the same kind of specialization putting this course in a wide range competition, and the most affected persons are those fresh graduates of high school that wants to take up Hotel and Restaurant Management as their field.In fact, here in the city of seven lakes 6 of the most formidable institution serves Hotel and Restaurant Management as their focal point. So the researcher would like to conduct a study to determine how the school credibility does and teaching proficiency affects the preference of 4th year High School Students particularly those students from Liceo de San Pablo, A. Y.

2011-2012. Statement of the Problem The Research is about the HRM School’s Credibility and Teaching Proficiency in San Pablo City and its Effect on The Preference of 4th year high school Students of Liceo de San Pablo.It seeks to find answers on the following questions: 1. What are the credibility of different schools offering HRM course in san Pablo in ters of the following: a. Curriculum used b. No.

of Graduates c. Employability rate 2. What is the preferred school of the 4th year high school students of Liceo de San Pablo for the HRM course in terms of the following: a. School location b. Amount of tuition fee c.

School’s teaching proficiency 3. How does credibility and teaching proficiency affects the preference of the students of Liceo de San Pablo? HypothesisSchool’s Credibility and Teaching Proficiency Does not necessarily affect the preference of the 4th year high school students of Liceo de San Pablo. Paradigm Independent Variable Dependent Variables Preference of the 4th year high school students of Liceo de San Pablo in schools offering HRM course in terms of: a. Location b. Amount c.

Teaching Proficiency Credibility of different schools in San Pablo that offers HRM course in terms of: a. Curriculum used b. No. of graduates c. Employability rate