High school students

High school students ought to have that sense of responsibility to their country.

The community service that is questioned to be required, I think is a must for students from high school to college students. The implementation of the project might give more advantages than disadvantages to students. If it is evaluated carefully, we can have the chance to see clearly the views, results and possible rewarding effects of community service.There have been a lot of reviews whether or not requiring community service for high school to college students will be implemented. One such review was with the article “COMMUNITY SERVICE BY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: SUMMARY OF DISCUSSION”.

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The article has presented ideas from two different groups that also have gathered their reasons for their answer. Also, there researched of the origin of this community service idea that is sued to be required. The paper includes discussions of the terms that will be needed for the complete understanding of the program.From the review, the community service is ought to be compulsory, therefore, it is included in the curriculum of every high school for the computation of their final grades, or so to say that their year level will not be completed if ever they have not gone to attend their assigned community services. But there were also statements that say that it is optional.

That means, students can choose on what community service they wish to perform. They could do it whenever they lack some requirements for the school or sometimes, they can just choose this as an act of volunteerism.As youth in today’s time, I can say that not all of the students or the youth ranging from 13 years old and above would give a yes to the idea that they will be under some rubbish activities for about 75 hours of their school days. The article also talked about the difference between the volunteer and mandatory options of taking the community service by which until now is still under some arguments on other schools.The article from the Morgan State University website cites some of their community services and the purpose of conducting such events like Jahod which is designed for adolescent females that can help them be aware of their stand in the society; Brother – to – Brother where male students from Morgan University are sent to Baltimore City to teach the male students there of some concepts about leadership and cooperation; and Morgan Mentors, an activity designed to teach the children of Winston on they value their lives and to become a winner of it.

I can say that it is a good thing to require community service for them to have new learning. One can learn the value of having a clean road perhaps after cleaning in a drainage-cleaning campaign or some could learn to simply swipe the floor which in turn could help them on their married lives. The involvement in community work can enable a person to meet new people from different parts of the community or even in other parts of the country, if the community work assigned to them is out of town.It may be an adventurous task to get engage in since there could be a lot of pests on roadsides like the rats and other gross animals that can touch the limits of one’s sensitiveness. The students will get the chance to be trained on cleaning and other stuffs like cooking or selling some things that can help raise funds for the unfortunate.

As part of a certain community, one should learn to serve other people in order to pay respect to others, or some tribute to the elderly. Perhaps, one good thing done here on earth is one sure point in the book of life. Someone might help a person to boost his/her morale by the activities like what the Morgan State University conducts. The youth from their university are giving hope to other people by their interaction with the less fortunate ones. It’s like cheering someone up when you know your life hasn’t been a mess at all.

Maybe the disadvantages of requiring the community service is that the students will not have the proper heart and mind set up. Some of the students might be so blunt about what they feel in a certain activity that instead of giving joy to the unfortunate will be an additional factor for the sadness and loneliness of those people. Maybe, for schools who will propose or impose this activity to students, they should have a well organized plan on how to motivate their students perform such tasks. That motivation can also help the students to have a clear view of what they opt to do.Requiring community service in high school and college students is one way of reinforcing the youth power in the society.

Since the state allots a lot of funds for these youths, I think it is one way of paying back the favor given to them by the government. Being involved to such programs can really help someone grow, not only mentally but also physically since you can be honed to perform various tasks; emotionally since there will be times that you can encounter emotional situations especially of poor places and spiritually that you may be able to pray for the well being of other people that you’ll get across with.Implementing change of mind to the youth is not really a bad thing. Actually, since the technology has been a great factor in the modernization of the facilities and even the minds of a lot of people, employing them to work for the community is one way of buffering the situation. It is giving them the chance to lessen their vices and add some spices in their lives like having someone being told of a tragic family story by which, of course he/she would not wish to encounter it, but it can help him/her and urge him/her to help and contribute to claim of world peace and unity.;