Types of High-school Students

As you venture into the transition of becoming a high-school student at Sandra Day O’Connor, you will start to realize the people around you have changed. Instead of everyone being friends, there are a vast amount of groups, posses, cliques and squads. At O’Connor, these groups are something to be seen everyday.

There is the swag students, the kiddie pools, toothaches, jumble, and the family. You may become a part of these groups or somehow release that you belong to none of them and discover your own special cup of coffee. You just might belong. Swag from Outer Space This type of student mostly applies to the male population residing at O’Connor. SOS believe that they have been graced with such a vast amount of ‘swag’ that it is considered to be ‘out of this world.’The headwear for the SOS Students mainly contains: a SnapBack hat, which would be most likely be placed backwards upon their heads; they constantly place their hands in front of their face to block out the sun, and it would sit low upon their face.

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The brim of his hat, may contain an accent color such as blood-orange, cool-ranch Doritos blue or monster green; some, more distinguished than others, are covered in a unique pattern. His shirt, likely staring a half-naked woman in the on the front, placed in a derogatory position.All this tucked into his pants. Pants too large and barely covering his posterior. Underwear openly shows, but his belt is obviously strung tightly on purpose.

They believe to they core that they should have been raised in the ghetto,. In almost every sentence, the words: swag, bro, crazy, dope, mad…, hella, sick, and bruh.

Statements regarding women in a highly disturbing way are the norm for these types. ‘Look at dat a** bruh,”bruh I got so messed up last night, but it was so, totally worth it,’ or more commonly, ‘Da** bro! I’d tape that mad quick.’ Basic respect for women does not often come to mind when there is more than one in a setting. These types will openly stare at you in the hallways. If you do not fit his criteria of what a woman should resemble, he will not hesitate to inform you of that’s, especially if he is backed by his friends at the moment.

These statements are just a select few that can be heard from SOS on a daily bases. As a form of travel, they walk in packs or ‘squads’ as they enjoy calling them. If one is lost or seems frightened, he shall shut ‘SQUAD!’ As a way to inform the others that they are lost and/or frightened. Like Pokemon, if they do notgrow out of this phase with age, it is predicted that they will evolve into the college version: ‘douche-bag, college frat boy.’If this set of students where to have any phrase to represent them it could have to be: ‘My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns’ Kiddie Pool Kiddie Pools are a very simple group of students.

Their thoughts, conversions, and ideas make them seem more shallowthan a ‘kiddie pool.’ Their lives revolve around, their favorite television shows, weekend plans, and social media trends. KPs judge how their days shall turn out, based on the amount of likes their selfie gets. They shutter at the thought of actually doing class or homework and would gladly spend the class period talking about which celebrity is dating which and the latest school drama. This group of shallow students may not be the brightest in the pact, and often the not ask questions regarding commonly known answers.

The perfect representation of these types of students is Karen Smith from the comedy, Mean Girls. Karen is the definition of what one would consider, the shallow, air-head, dumb-blond. She is commonly remembered for her quote: ‘if you’re from Africa, why are you white?” Toothaches: Why do people like her, she’s so rude? He’s hot? SO WHAT! He’s rude and extremely arrogant, and only thinks about himself. So why are these people so popular? You realize that they’re terrible human being, but everyone sees the as American Sweethearts. They’re nice to your face, but spread rumors behind your back.They will say they love your skirt, but will tell their friends that it’s the ugliest skirt that they have ever seen.

Because they are so fake, so artificial; slowly you begin to realize they are causing you pain. You know it exists, I mean it’s right I’m front of you, but you choose to ignore it. Fed and fueled by the sugary, sweet attention they receive from others, they gradually become even more self-centered and two-faced until they become unbearable. So unbearable in fact, that suddenly it’s too much and it draws attention to itself. Toothaches will continue to cause pain in secret, until they do something that draws attention everywhere.

Though everyone knows they’re terrible, they continue to fuel the toothaches no matter what. This posses’ senior quote would be: ‘the person you would take a bullet for is behind the trigger’ ( I Miss Missing You- Fall Out Boy). The Jumble This group of individuals should not fit together but, they seem to perfectly. They seem completely off putting when you see them at the lunch table, because there is just so much going on. Extremely comfortable with themselves, these kids are not afraid to be loud and crazy.Band-geeks joke with the jocks, Otakus tell the bloggers about their ship that need to become cannon, rebels show their drawings to brains, and book worms allow the freaks andgeeks to read the new fan fictionthey created.

Before they found each other, they would sit alone and wonder if some shared their common interests. Interests, that are not the norm for a school that thriveson MTV and E! Entertainment. They are a jumble of random items and interest that have no one place to go, so are placed together for people to find and enjoy. Some have the same music tastes, whereas some shutter at the thought of what the other considers music. But, you love each other just the same.

The anthem to this group is represented by ‘We Go Together’ from Grease. The family: The mother, the sisters, the twins and the older brothers.This group of friends work togetherthe way a family does. For example, themother- like friend, takes care of this group of friends. Listening to their problems, cleaning up after them and scolding their wrongful behavior.

This friend can be older, the same age or even younger than the rest of the group, but has been placed in this role regardless. The sisters either are forever friends or having a petty argument, you are never quite sure as the day goes by. They resemble big happy, slightly dysfunctional family. They will most likely identify each other a the role that they play in their family. You can easily tell that they have been through a lot which is why they act the way they do.

Your Cup of Coffee Posse, Bros, Muchachos, home slice, whatever you want to call them, they are your friends. This is your group, and you love every minute of it. They make you feel as if you can be yourself and not feel judge for it. It may take some time to find the right ingredients, but sooner or later it will all come together to be just right. They have the same music tastes, the same interest and can relate to your stories in life while providing insight to it. MCC make you feel whole when you consider yourself to be Swiss cheese.

They will sweeten you up with some honey, when you’re day is a little too bitter. They make life exponentially better even though it seems to be a catastrophe. They are your squad, and will be there for you all through hose four years. MCC know exactly what to get you for your birthday, what your favorite food is, and your celebrity crushes.They are always there for you, even you might not want it.