The Stunning Truth About Year-Round School

Imagine in the middle of July—sitting in a classroom! The teacher’s voice drones on; your head is glued to your desk. You’ve had a two week summer break and its back to school. You stare at the wall wondering why you have such misfortune.

These are all effects of year-round school. The idea of year-round school has been brought up many times in the past, but until now—it has never been used in schools. Summer break was made in the first place, because children needed to help out on their family’s farm. Some people see no reason for keeping summer break, because children are no longer needed to help on farms during the summer. Think about it—year-round school is more of a prison than a school. If you’re a kid—you would know that you wait the whole school year just so that you can relax during the summer.

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If there is no summer break, there would be no incentive for kids to make them work hard in school. Also, with more time in the classroom it means more money spent. Up to $50,000 could be spent on additional costs for extra schooling. Although, Barrack Obama may say that year-round school is an amazing idea, it is not. Actually, students will get exasperated of school, teachers could get tired of teaching, and there will be no summer break! Also, multi-track year-round education can be even worse. Multi-track has groups of students attending school at different times in the year.

Two siblings could go to school at different times in the year. How could you live with taking spelling tests when you could be at the beach? You already know what schools might become; do you want your children to suffer?! Obama may think that he’s saving the nation—but his brilliant plan in actuality isn’t that brilliant. Children already go to school one hundred eighty days every year—there are three hundred sixty-five days total in one year. That means that children already go to school for about half the year! Don’t you think that’s enough schooling for one year? Year-round schools will make school torture for kids! School will become exasperating for kids very quickly. Not only does Obama want year-round school—but even longer school days too! Kids and parents that have kids will not accept this.

Especially if they’re in school at least two hundred twenty days! There are many ways to solve this problem; one way would to protest. Also, you could write to your local representatives—you can ask them to protest against this idea in congress, to prevent it from happening. Kids need to have time to enjoy themselves—instead of sitting in a classroom waiting for the bell to ring. Kids may have it hard with year-round school. However, take a look at the enormous amount of work the teachers have to do.

Teachers have to make up their lesson plans—do you think it might get a lit-tle tiring after twelve months straight! Teachers have to do as much work as their students; if not, more! For example, teachers have to make up homework; create lesson plans; study the subjects themselves, and much more! You can guarantee most teachers will not be pleased—if year-round school is put into action. Teachers may want to go on vacation too, you know. Teachers need breaks as much as students need them. Barack Obama may think that teachers love his ideas. Nonetheless, teachers have dreams too—they might have vacation plans that Obama is ruining! In fact, most teachers do their lesson plans over the summer—oops, no summer break either! It is essential, for students and teachers to have a summer break. Without it school becomes unbearable! Obama is convinced that students don’t learn during the summer.

Maybe they don’t learn from textbooks, but they do learn about the importance of family! Think about it—parents—without summer break there is less time for you to spend with you kids. The most memorable family moments happen during the summer also! There you go—your summer vacation out the door! Students and teachers look forward to a well-deserved break—wonderful and re-laxing—during the summer. They dream for the warm summer months to come—they can relax on the beach with nothing to worry about! Now, they can’t relax on the beach anymore! Obama’s alternative to having a long summer break is having short two week breaks spaced throughout the calendar. Still, do you think stu-dents would enjoy taking tests and quizzes in July?! There should be a balance be-tween school and free time; year-round school will tip the scale! Summer break keeps the scale balanced throughout the year. Think of the looks on the students face if they had school instead of summer break! If you never want to see those horrible looks ever again go do something about year-round school! Summer break is an important part of the year—don’t let this wonderful time slip away! You have been warned about what might happen if year-round school actually begins to operate in all the schools of the U.

S.A. Now is the time to act—before it is too late! Child education has never been a problem in this country. We should focus on more important problems. For example—child obesity, the economy, and taxes are problems that are important and that need to be solved. Think about the students and teachers! Don’t forget about their summer break either! Although, Obama seems to think year-round schooling will help our country—it won’t.

Students will become exasperated of school, teachers could get exhausted of teaching, and the amazing times of summer break will vanish! Students and teachers will thank you—if you help prevent this horrible tragedy that has befallen the United States of America! Now go out there and help the U.S.A. get rid of year-round schooling—unless you want to see kids carrying textbooks instead of beach towels! Maybe one day schools will be a little bit more like this… The students sit in class—it’s the last day of school and then their off to summer break! Only five more minutes until the bell rings! RING! Class dismissed! Have a great summer!