Questions to 50 year old me and advice from 50 year old me.

Hey fifty year old me here are a couple of questions I sent to you, these question are sent from a website that says it could reach anyone after fifty years, so I thought why not send it to myself. My questions will be about my life, family, and friends after thirty five years from now.

This will be a general question about my life, so how did my life change in thirty five years, did something tragic happen to my family, am I married, do I have kids, am I successful and rich?My second questions is, You know how IB is very important for me and my family, because as you know my father takes IB really serious, and for me IB is right at the corner, i’m about to enter the program for the next two years and to an extent it will decide which university i’m going to attend. So my question is did I get the IB degree, and if I did succeed, did I succeed easily or with challenge? Following on to the next question. This question is really important for me to know from now, because it could tell me if i should continue to follow my passion for football or do I study harder to get in a better university.The question is, did I keep training for football? and if I did, did I enter a good football club and did I succeed as a football player, or did I just enter a university? This next question will be about my social life, so did I get in a fight with my friends or did I lose contact with them? My friends are important in my life because they help me follow my religion, they have helped me in my studying and they improved my life in general. (2015/1/20) Hello to my 15 year old me, I read your questions and left a couple of advices and answers for you to look at, but keep in mind that I can’t tell you everything because it could change my present which is your future.

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My advice and answer to your first question is, You do get married, but I can’t tell you when it is and who she is, you could look at it as a surprise. You do have 4 children, three boys and 1 girl. You are successful in your career I also can’t say which career you chose or how successful you get. But following to your other question about football, I could only say follow your dreams, keep training for football and at the same time study and work hard in school it is only a couple of hard years then the rest is easy. Now going to answer the question about the IB, I can’t tell you the answer, because if I say you succeed you might just slack and not try, and if I say you failed, you might say it isn’t worth your time and effort.

So just remember how important it is and keep studying hard. My second advice is, For Football I advice you to keep playing football, you could make it to the professional level and reach your dream job if you push your self to the next level, but remember that there are colleges that have a good football club and could be a gateway to a professional club. My third advice is, you do not leave your friends, but you did lose contact with some of them for a while, but I can’t say who it was. I can tell you that your friends are really important in your life, they’re there when you need them. (2050/1/20)